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    Ok, T-Mobile for thirteen years I have put up with the bad treatment of windows phone.  Now is where I draw the line, YES or NO will you guys carry the Nokia by Microsoft Lumia 830?

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        I would be careful about asking for and buying a Windows Phone Lumia 830 from T-Mobile.  They aren't even supporting the customers who bought previous Windows Phones.  I would buy from AT&T or somewhere else. 

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          I have to agree, I have been looking forward to a new Windows phone and was excited about the 830...... put now plastered all on the front page is the Iphone....  T-Mobile are you trying to drive us to AT&T?  I hate their service!

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            Is there updated Windows 8.1 device rollout schedule that includes, in part, the 830?


            I'm getting a little tired of waiting for an ever-pending 8.1 rollout to my 925 and have a sneaking suspicion that I will be jumping before that ever happens.


            T-Mo support...give me some hope here!


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              I absolutely agree. Just go look on my discussions about T-mobile and windows phones. I am sure when I am speaking for thousandths when I say this. PLEASE BRING A WINDOWS HIGH END PHONE TO T-MOBILE! I already feel bad for the lumia 925 owners who dont even have the 8.1 update, that is really sad.

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                Ha! I'm actually one of those Lumia 925 users but we actually already got the 8.1 update along with Cyan. But my 925 is dying and I too want a 830. But According to Windows Central, if you buy the RM-985 (International GSM Variant), then it would work with T-Mobile's LTE signal but ONLY the RM-985 NOT RM-984 or RM-983.


                But it is better if T-Mobile supplied it themselves so we can get support from them like WiFi-Calling or a Warranty if I brake it.