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    • Probably not, but at least you will have all LTE bands.  I'm not a fan of WiFi calling anyway because the voice quality is surprisingly bad in comparison to mobile networks.

      • rompster

        106. Re: Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Petition

        With no reception in the rural area where we live and lots of international

        travel, Wi-Fi calling is the only game in town. I'd rather that than LTE


        • Recently signed up with tmobile, and have to say that I don't find the wifi calling quality much different(if at all) then taking over the network. My experience has not been bad at all.

          • Perhaps it's the G2 at fault?  WiFi calls sound surprisingly robotic and distorted for me and have disabled it altogether.

            • Engadget just posted a great review of the Z3 Compact.  Sony Xperia Z3 Compact review: small size, big deal

              • Can Wi-fi calling be activated with an app?  If possible, we should petition T-Mobile to create a T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling app that we can use, as long as we add Wi-fi calling service to our plan, which is free.  That way, all phones, not just T-Mobile phones, can use wi-fi calling, including all my unlocked phones as well.

                • Yet another +1 for the z3 compact... Primary reasons for wanting official T-Mobile z3 compact: WiFi calling and to take advantage of my investment in the JUMP! program. Come on T-Mobile!

                  • "Can Wi-fi calling be activated with an app?  If possible, we should petition T-Mobile to create a T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling app that we can use, as long as we add Wi-fi calling service to our plan, which is free. "


                    Wifi calling is supposed to be built into android, sometime after the first of the year. Don't know if it will work with the xperia compact or not, only promised for the latest Nexus phones.

                    • I've been stressing so much about my next phone purchase because the rest of the world seems to find value in phablet-sized phones and the phone manufacturers are responding appropriately.  The Z3 Compact is the only real option out there for those of us who want a reasonably-sized phone.

                      • paulrivers - hey good point!


                        So will wifi calling work on Lollipop devices even if they are not T-Mo branded?  And will the Z3 Compact support Lollipop?  Guess those of us willing to wait a little longer could start watching for reviews.  Any comments from early adopters of the unlocked Z3 Compact out there?


                        Looks like Lollipop is coming to the Moto X, too:


                        It’s Official: Android 5.0 Lollipop Coming to Moto X, Moto G, Moto E and More - The Official Motorola Blog


                        Unlocked and bloatware-free, my first thought was "contender!" But darn if Motorola didn't go and join the herd by bumping up screen size on these 2nd-gen Motos to 5.2".   Sigh.

                        • At this point I think people need to face the likely reality that T-Mobile would've said or leaked something by now if there were any plans for it. Just order it from Sony if you need a top notch < 5 inch screen phone.


                          I do wish I could scout the colors in person because the black, white & green all look nice online (though I'm sure if it came to T-Mo they'd only get black anyway).

                          • Agreed...chances are we would have heard something by now. Alas...won't be able to get an Xperia Z3C or Z3 in white with official support from T-Mobile. Hardly earth-shattering news. *looks at Verizon in envy at their white Z3Vs*                            At least my phone bill and overall service is better.   On the "bigger is better" front I can't believe a 4.6" screen is considered compact. I'm a relatively bigger guy at 6'3", but even my old HTC One (M7) is just at the edge of my comfort range. Can barely understand wanting to use a bigger phone as your day-to-day go to cell device!

                            • Yeah it's funny how reviews refer to it as "small" rather than "smaller".  Considering the screen real estate is still significantly greater than the most popular phone currently in the wild - the Iphone 5.


                              I don't know about Z3V envy...That's basically a Z2 & the Z3 should be available unlocked in all four colors soon if it's not already?  Although I'd probably just go with the HTC M8 or Moto X if I wanted to go that size.

                              • I would definitely like to see the Z3 compact in T-Mobile stores. It's the main reason I've stuck around with my Z1S instead of jumping to the Z3 as it is. I'm looking to "downgrade" slightly in screen size.


                                I went into a T-Mobile location the other day however; and the rep said that they probably will NOT carry the compact phone at all. Just the standard Z3. To me that doesn't make sense since they did carry previous compact versions. If they don't sell all that well - make it online only and order upon request. This way you don't overstock yourselves and can push them out to those who do want them.


                                Here's to hoping. +1 on this petition.

                                • +1.  We need more smaller phone collections, stuck with t-mobile shipped devices due to wifi calling support

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