Is it just me....


    Or have people gotten screenshot insane? Really almost all dates sites/apps are filled with profile's photos that are screenshots of another. Don't get me started with on how outdated the photos are! I know I may be sounding like a biscuit, but come on. Their are devices that are voice activated, so no need to use the restroom  mirror. Well their never was a need since almost cheap cameras have something called a timer. ..... END OF RANT

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        Re: Is it just me....

        The worst part is when people upload a screenshot from their camera roll.

        I mean, SERIOUSLY -- if you can find it in your camera roll, you can upload it from your camera roll.


        I think it started with iPhoners who wanted to display their "status symbol" on dating sites somehow.  Then, the Androiders started following suit.


        But, it's just fwrong.