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    Hi all,

    I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Avant and could not figure out why my status LED lights were not working whenever receiving a text, missed call, email, or even when charging my phone nothing appears on the top right corner near the camera.  I do see two small black circles near the camera circle on the top right corner of the phone.  Trying various settings, text notification settings, nothing seems to work.  I also did the *#0*# test and nothing appeared.  However, I saw a support post on here saying that there are LED lights and meaning of the various status lights so there must be this feature on the Avant phone. 


    When I went back to the T-mobile phone, the salemen said they never realized this option was not a feature of the phone as no one has asked and could not figure out how to work the status lights.  I also called customer support where the salewoman looked  up the manual and said "it must not be a feature".  So before I consider returning this phone, which I do like, does this phone have the LED status lights feature or not?  I find it hard to believe a new samsung product would not have this feature when all phones coming out do to be honest... If it does, what seems to be the problem with my phone...a hardware issue so I need to return the phone for another?


    Thanks for your help!!


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      • Hi melissb821!


        This is a great question! We want to ensure that your device is functioning properly, and the Avant is a great device! We'll want to get the most accurate information for you. In order to do so, we can contact our content owner for Samsung products and then do a follow up with you here. I have set the follow up, but I will say right now (if this helps) that you mentioned there were 2 circles in your top right corner. The Galaxy S 5 has 3: 2 for the camera and 1 for the status lights, so it is possible this may be missing that option, but we will reach out and follow up with you. Thanks!

          • melissb821

            Re: Samsung Galaxy Avant status lights

            Thanks for your reply!  Although I liked the feel of the Avant, I decided

            to exchange it for a Galaxy.  From what several in store reps told me, the

            status light feature is not included in the Avant, unfortunately.  Perhaps

            an idea for the Avant part deux



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          • Hi melissb821!


            As mentioned, we wanted to follow up with you today. We have confirmed that there are no status lights on the Avant. I am happy to hear you were able to exchange the device for a Galaxy that presents those status lights you've become accustomed to! I also use a Galaxy myself, so I know how convenient those are. Enjoy your Galaxy device and let us know if you have any further questions or concerns!