What's t force?


    .... this is what Lisa a store manager said when I wanted to file a complaint about the lack of customer service that my friend got when he made a payment. The problem is that I have 6 lines under one account,  and when a payment is made they use my tablet ptn. So it's hard to keep track who has made a cash payment. She just gave me the email address of the region Manger which was wrong. So now I have waste my time in doing a discussion for a problem that can be fixed at a store level. Sorry for wasting time on filling a complaint and taking time from others that do need help with issues of more importance.

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      • tmo_lauren

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        Hey Cesar


        Not everyone is acquainted with how awesome T-Force is, but we will be happy to assist! I'll be sending you a PM. I'll be happy to collect whatever information you have and get this looked into!



          • magenta3213974

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            I also need help. I used my jump on demand to upgrade from my iphone 6s plus to the iphone 7 plus. I have had tmobile for almost 4 years now AND not a SINGLE ISSUE. Until the son of the CEO (i believe he was really HIGH UP on the chain) did my upgrade. So now im paying for my exes phone which has been stolen for over a year now, theyre not doing anything about it. Also im paying for an iphone 6s plus that i returned in April of this year. Im paying over $60 more than i should for two devices i dont have. If things dont get straighten out it wont be pretty. Im about to switch back to verizon. This is ridiculous that nobody can do anything about it? is it my fault that it got lost somewhere after shipping? NO. Im getting really frustrated, so if anyone knows how this can be resolved please help!!!!!!