Outgoing Caller ID *NAME* Blocking

    I am the main account holder of a 4 line family plan.  My parents are on my plan and both use Note 3's.  They've told me that when they make outgoing calls, my full name shows up in the Caller ID of the receiver's phone (*when my parents' phone number is not already in the receiver's contact list).  They know this because the receiver has asked them who "account holder's name" is.


    I've tried going into the Caller ID settings (in Call Settings), but there are only 3 options:

    1. Network Default

    2. Hide Number

    3. Show Number


    I tried "Hide Number" but this just completely blocks all outgoing Caller ID info and shows the caller as "Unknown", which is not what I want.  I just want to have my name blocked.


    I've also tried looking into the settings (profile, plan, phone) in My T-Mobile online, but there is nothing regarding this.


    Is there anyway to block my name from showing up in their outgoing Caller ID?

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      • theartiszan

        Re: Outgoing Caller ID *NAME* Blocking

        There is nothing from the phone that you can do to change or block the name that appears on caller id systems other then just fully blocking the number.

        You can call T-Mobile support and they will either be able to change the name to the user of the line in their system which should update to caller id systems in 3 days or you can have them set the name to just "Wireless Caller" but there needs to be some information attached to it.

        And there are guidelines they need to follow as to what they would allow in that information.

        But yeah I would give them a call and just let them know you want to update outgoing caller id information to a different name. Customer care should be able to do that for you. If not I know technical care can.

        • sweetpeach

          Re: Outgoing Caller ID *NAME* Blocking

          There is an easy cure for this problem. Though you are the MAIN (eg. paying) account holder, anyone with a Tmobile phone number can creat an account at:




          Once they sign up, your parent's name will appear as the "ID" even though you are the main and paying account holder. It worked for my kids.