Pre-paid balance refund

    TL;DR: Would like to cancel my TMO account and get a refund for the remaining balance.


    I've spent most of today trying to get an answer on this and ended up getting conflicting answers.


    Background info: I've got about $90, left in my prepaid account that I'd like to get refunded and I want to cancel my service with TMO immediately.  I have the $30/mo for 100 mins +5GB data/text plan - this plan would be ideal, however the signal at my house is so poor that MMS rarely works and calls dropped all the time.  It generally works great when I'm in the city though.  I've had the service for over 1 year in the hopes that a new tower would go up near my house, but it doesn't look like that will happen.  So I've switched to different carrier and would like to get a refund for the remaining balance in my TMO account.



    Over chat, I was told that I'd be this would be possible by calling: 1-877-720-5195


    After calling this number, and getting redirected (3 times!) to a 'payment supervisor', I was told that this is infact NOT possible.


    I would really like to have the remaining balance returned to me if possible.  It just seems like the right thing to do and shouldn't be a big deal.

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