Is there a call blocking FEATURE from T-mobile?

    Doesn't T-mobile have a call-blocking feature either free or paid ?  A CSR mentioned something about "family allowance" feature for $4.99/month.  However, when I access my account that doesn't appear as a add-on.


    Yeah, I've downloaded a couple of call blocking apps but they're not really to my liking.  My plan is the $70/month unlimited and I have the LG G2 w/KitKat.  And that KitKat overrides my phone's built in call-blocking.  THAT was verified by a T-mobile tech support person and was supposedly escalated.


    Thanks in advance !

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      • drnewcomb2

        Are you trying to block incoming calls or outgoing calls?

        • tforce_matt

          Hi privacy4me !


          We definitely understand the importance of controlling calls to you! Family Allowances is a perfect feature to take care of this for you and is available at $4.99 per month. If you had trouble adding the feature online you can use the link below to get in touch with us directly and we can add that for you.


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            • Hi tmo_matt,
              What I want is something (a feature or an app) to block selective INCOMING calls, such as the anonymous callers and all of those pesky telemarketers.  It looks like the Family Allowance feature only blocks 10 numbers and that is no where nearly enough.  Thanks, though.


              I've already changed my number.    I guess I'll just stick to my call blocking app.


              Does "KitKat" know that it has overridden the call block feature built into the LG G2 ?  A T-mobile tech support person verified this and told me it had been escalated. 
              Thanks !!

                • I'm not a fan of unknown callers either, and generally avoid answering.  My advice would be to go with an app.  It sounds like you have one that you like.  Is there something about it that doesn't fit your needs?  I can do some research for you.


                  I'm not sure what LG knows, but thanks for reporting the matter.  I trust our teams and theirs will engage in resolving this ASAP.

                    • tmo_sondra,


                      Right now, I'm dabbling between using Mr. Number and Privacy Star to block calls.  Now if they could just COMBINE features:

                      a.  Mr. Number generally works, although numbers marked as "Hang up" go to voicemail.  That was verified when I blocked a friend's number and had them try it.  Went to VM even 'tho setting was to "hang up".  I want those pesky scammers hung up on !  But -- the call log for Mr. Number does show line-by-line the date/time of the calls. 


                      b.  Privacy Star really DOES hang up on calls (same test, with Mr. Number app removed).  It also lists calls as "known scammer" or "debt collector" and allows one to submit a report to the FTC.  DOWNSIDE:  Calls are aggregated.  For example, just one entry showing "anonymous call" xxx-number of times.


                      Do you know of any apps that would combine the two features?  I think the worst thing besides telemarketers is getting someone else's debt collector calls.  Arghhh.  THANKS !!!

                • What I have done is create a contact "Telemarketer" and then if I get one of those calls, I "add" the phone number to the telemarking contact which I have blocked (which is an option under the contact details).  Hope this helps!

                  • ed60

                    I don't know what kind of phone you're using but for example my note 3 has the option to block numbers I don't need any app, but the problem with telemarketers is they have tons of numbers and they keep changing them

                    • On Android phones, in the default calling app, once you go into the call settings, there should be an option called Call Reject. It will allow you to either block certain numbers, or you can block all incoming/outgoing calls (I think this may depend on your Android version - KK/LP). It's something available by default so you won't have to download any 3rd-party apps.


                      If that doesn't suit your fancy, another built-in option is Blocking Mode. Should be available in your extended notification pulldown menu or you can also find it in Settings > Sound. I believe they renamed this "Do not disturb" in Lollipop.


                      Hope this helps. I've been looking for an account-level call blocking option myself and have run across no such thing. It was super easy to turn on something like this on Verizon or Sprint when I was working for them but apparently T-mo only has the selective number option.

                      • faalane

                        Extreme Call Blocker has a TON of features, every one I've read that people want here and they actually work. Grab the demo and use a spouses phone or buddies etc and see if it may work for you. I tried many and finally found this one which did all I needed. Good luck.