Could not activate cellular data network

    HI ystd i bought prepaid sim card for ipad mini, had it activated at the shop, put the money in the account balance but decide to start using it today.

    After i inserted the sim card Today, it said the sim card is already active on a subscription that cannot be managed in this device. I tried to access the internet but couldn't as it said could not activate cellular data network.

    moreover, i've notice that if i order prepaid sim card online it charges only $1 for the sim while i paid $10 for it!

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      • bluecat

        Re: Could not activate cellular data network

        I had similar issue.


        I purchase a sim card and a prepaid mobile internet data plan online at After insertion of the sim card, I cannot access the internet. In addition, when I called 611,  I was told my account is "inactive", "under review". My newly selected phone number was not able to be recognized either (so I couldn't link it to my T-mobile account).


        Can anyone help me to fix this issue?