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    Can't call or receive calls

      MMy Nexus 5 has stopped receiving calls and I am unable to make calls, this also applies to texts, too.  I have  completed the steps in the Troubleshooting Guide and the problem still exists.  None of my texts are going out, calls are automatically going to voice mail and when I place a call there is no ringing or dial tone.  I have taken out the SIM card but not the battery since that requires a special tool to get the cover off.  I just switched to T Mobile from Cricket earlier this month, my phone was working great until two days ago.  I can browse the internet with no problem but I did notice that under About Phone>Status>Mobile Network State is disconnected.  I turned off  the wifi and switched from LTE to 3G and 2G, problem still exists. 

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          Have you had the opportunity to try your SIM in another device?

          That will let you know whether or not it's your Device or SIM (or possibly Account).

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            my husband & I both have the Nexus 5, his phone is doing the exact same thing as mine.  it would be pointless to switch out the SIM cards.  Now our phones are showing there is no carrier connection but we can browse the internet and sometimes make/receive internet phone calls.  After going going to a Google Nexus Forum, we have discovered that the phones are most likely defective or it's a problem with the carrier for the Nexus 5.

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              If you're connected to your WiFi, of course data is going to work... you'd be using your home internet connection, not your cellular connection.


              "Internet calls" -- I'm assuming you mean something like Skype or that.  There is no T-Mobile WiFi Calling for the Nexus 5.


              The fact two devices went down leads me to believe one of the following:


                - Something went awry with your T-Mobile account.  You'll need to contact Customer Care in order to determine if there's something wrong here

                - Something went awry with your local tower.  Again, you'll need to contact Customer Care in order to get a ticket logged about this.


              What level of coverage should you have?  http://www.t-mobile.com/coverage -- and, does your devices work in another part of town with coverage?  Also, I'd like to assume when your phones were working then not from the same location?  And, finally, have you attempted a Factory Reset and not install any apps to see if the issue is resolved?

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                We have determined that there is something blocking the signal on our street.  We live less than a mile from a cell tower & a quarter mile from the closest T Mobile store.  When we leave our street we can make & receive calls  and texts.  We have purchased a booster and hopefully that will help us.  In the meantime we are researching to see what is preventing us from  T Mobile's signal in our house. 
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                  Signal Booster won't do anything if you don't get at least one bar of service.

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                    It turns out that the WiFi software in the Nexus 5 is interfering with the LTE & 3G network.  Our phones now work perfect when we turn off the WiFi and switch to 2G from LTE.  Our settings now state we are connected to our carrier, T Mobile, whereas before it kept stating we had no carrier.  It took a lot of researching the Google Nexus Forum and talking to others who have had the same problem to fix the problems with our phones.  As of right now I am emailing this to you on my Nexus, whereas before I was unable to.  Thank you for your help and suggestions.


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                      I can't say I've had this experience with my Nexus 5.  When I connect to WiFi, I still keep my voice signal.  Maybe it's some additional software you may have installed?  Or maybe the signal in your home is extremely weak and the little bit of interference from the WiFi antenna is killing the signal?