How to configure International Data Roaming?

    I'm currently in Mexico and I need to setup international roaming, however I have not been able to make it work. I've already used the #766# code to activate international roaming and going to the operators if I select TELCEL I get an error that I can't connect, if I select movistar, then I can connect, I can make and receive calls, however I don't have internet access.




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        According to International Roaming | Low International Calling Rates | T-Mobile, Telcel and Telefonica are the two companies that have agreements.


        Only thing I can think of is depending on your area there may be an agreement or not?  That's a long shot of an idea though.

        • From T-Mobile's website:


          "How do you signup for Global Coverage? It’s simple, all you have to do is activate a qualifying Simple Choice plan with T-Mobile. No need to add a separate feature or service to your account or call Customer Care before you travel. International roaming with unlimited data and text is now included in qualifying plans at no extra charge."


          So my first question is: do you in fact have a "qualifying Simple Choice plan"?


          If the answer is yes, then have you checked to see if international roaming is blocked on your account?  To verify, go to My T-Mobile / Profile / Blocking.  Then look to see if international blocking is ON or OFF.


          I could not find any reference to the use of #766# on my phone.  I had a "qualifying Simple Choice Plan" when free global roaming came out.  All I had to do to make my phone capable of this roaming was to power the phone OFF and then ON again. 


          When I turn on my phone for the first time in a new country I will get two text messages telling me that T-Mobile is giving me free roaming with a particular telecom company in that country, and that any phone calls that I decide to make will cost me $0.20/minute.  Did you receive those text messages?  If not, then I am out of ideas.


          Let us know more about your plan and type of phone. 

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          • It is actually working now, all suggestions from kbmaverick were already checked, I have a Simple Choise Plan and did not have anything in the blocking of my account. What I did was call customer service, who transfered me to technical support, after a few verifications with them, they opened a "high priority" ticket with their engineering team, since everything seemed to be correctly set in my phone. After a few hours from that call, I tried selecting "Telcel" again from the operators and I was able to connect and browse internet.


            Thanks for your comments