unable to send or recieve mms

    Hello, I have had my Sony Xperia Z1 since December and I have not been able to send or recieve a picture in the messaging app once. When trying to send pictures I get this message: 'Queued for Sending' but then it never sends and eventually tells me to try again when I have a better connection (even though I have LTE with 3+ bars when I'm trying to send messages, I also don't have wifi turned on). When someone sends me a message I get the error: "Message not Downloaded" and I press and hold onto that message and click 'download message' but nothing ever happens.


    I have tried manually setting my APN's by following the last post on this message: Cant recieve or send pic messages on xperia z1


    But it didn't work after restarting my phone. Can someone please help?



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