Battery life was so good on 4.3, even after heavy use it would last me through the entire day and then some. After the update, I'm draining juice like there is no tomorrow. The battery doesn't even last me half the day with the same amount of usage as before. WTF!!!....what made this phone a beast was that it had insane battery life for such a powerful device, that you could heavily use it and it lasted through the entire day,but this update has ruined it. I know I sound like a kid who had his candy stolen, but this is making me angry and sad at the same time. Is there a way to downgrade? I don't want to look up rooting, never was into that, I just want to know if there is an easy way to go back to 4.3. If not, can t-mobile provide that option?

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      • Battery life does suck.


        Unfortunately you can not revert back to 4.3 even with rooting since you've updated the bootloader to 4.4.2 and can not be revert back to a 4.3 bootloader even with root.


        You could Root and install a custom 4.4.2 rom but for more info head over to XDA Developers they'll be able to help you out more and have plenty on info on it.

        • Sorry as seba said there is nothing to do but ask T-Mobile for a replacement phone which they will send you but know it will be a refurbished (aka used) phone. I didn't pay $800 for a brand new device that worked great until their update and then bonked it and now want to give me a used one. I have used this analogy before but it is true. Like spending 40k on a new car only to have the transmission break a month in from a manufacturers defect. Now instead of fixing the issue they simply give you someone else's car that's been used instead. No one would tolerate that in that instance and I won't have it here either. I went from getting 10 hours screen on time and two days at least use of standby to maybe 5 hours screen on time and barely a day of standby usage! That's a 50% loss of battery and we know why yet T-Mobile still pushed the update. please read my do not download KitKat post for more info.



            • atomsmasher

              Just saw your post, and many others with the same issue. I wouldn't want to get a refurbished replacement either. I paid over $800 (w/ taxes) up front for this phone, no installments plans, paid up front because I'm a prepaid customer. I didn't mind the high cost because this phone was worth it to me, main feature for me being the battery life. And now, suffice to say what I have is an $800 paper weight. I'm hoping some kind of update will be pushed out that can remedy this.

                • theartiszan

                  Oh it's hardly a paper weight.

                  I'm sure once Google finds the problem Samsung can issue a update to fix the issue.

                  Might take a little while though.

                  Not something that happens over night.

                    • That's the wrong answer artiszan

                        • theartiszan

                          Oh really?

                          How is that wrong sir?

                          Based on your knowledge on development for android.

                            • You may write code, but you obviously don't know squat about face to face customer support and people interaction for quality assurance. May I suggest you go back to your little coding room and stay there?

                                • theartiszan

                                  Oh you make me laugh.

                                  Please continue.

                                  If it weren't for people like me you wouldn't have have the technology you do today.

                                  If there is a bug in the base code causing issues the base needs to be fixed first and then manufacturer can send it devices.

                                  No amount of customer support or face to face anything will change buddy.

                                  You can research it before you continue if you would like.

                                  Google even stated with the nexus 5 (the device the base code starts on) that it had this flaw.

                                    • Research is done and is concluded as following.


                                      1. Google did a pizz poor job of kitkat coding along with Q&A to begin with.


                                      2. T-Mobile failed to do in depth quality assurance and testing with kitkat OTA software release.

                                        • theartiszan

                                          Yeah Google did have a bug on their code.

                                          That happens from time to time when you are working with millions of lines of code.

                                          Even with Microsoft and Apple who have been doing this longer still has this happen.

                                          And as was also pointed out, this does not effect all users and might have been missed during testing.

                                          And T-Mobile mainly checks to ensure their services still work as intended. They don't error check everything as they don't develop it.

                                          Bottom line is Google needs to now root out the issue and release a fix to trickle down.

                                          That is fact and what I stated before.

                                            • Keep it clean guys. I agree with both of you. Google can't catch everything but they ruined my Note 3. I could live with the battery drain bug but the WiFi calling bug makes my phone unusable as I get no signal at my house. And T-Mobile needs to use customer service skills they brag about and replace my phone with a NEW (not used) Note 3 with JellyBean. $800 and my service of T-Mobile should be enough to warrant this for those who want a new phone and not refurbished (if they ask and I'm guessing 99% won't care, but I DO!) Also they sneakily removed the SD card support without a notice at all! Artiszan they know the issue but you know how long it takes for it to trickle back down. But these aren't the only issues, see my long post on it for more. But WiFi calling issue affects many as does the battery.


                                              Art, mine is as good as a paperweight. Not being able to use my phone at home is a dealbreaker for me. Do you not think for people like me there should be an exception? I'm not trying to get a new phone as I would rather them fix mine, as I have a spigen glass screen protector on mine and the case was a pain to put on. So me getting a new phone is a gamble for me as I might get one with a dead pixel or something else wrong. So it is really bad for me in the long run. I'm not taking someone eles's problem only to probably be forced into the KitKat update in a month and then I'll have a broken phone and used one!



                                                • rbryinc

                                                  I totally agree, I also do not think there is ever a need for people to get nasty in a forum as everyone uses their phone for something else.  To me I have no WIFI issue or huge battery issue as my phone is plugged in most of the time thru the week at work I on the other hand with the way I use my phone have a HUGE issue with the SD card situation but that is me....

                              • atomsmasher

                                Okay, just an update. I'm getting roughly 1-1.5  hours screen on time since KitKat. This is with very light use as I see the battery draining so quickly. Before on Jellybean, with HEAVY use I was averaging around 4.5 - 5 hours of screen on time. Another thing I noticed is even when the phone is idle it drains battery extremely fast. I charged it to 100% before going to sleep, kept the phone unplugged with screen off, woke up about 8 hours later, my phone is at 15%....WTF. This is after a factory reset, not that I had downloaded anything new since jellybean anyways. I have contacted tmobile and they said they can do a replacement but it will be for a refurbished device. I didn't spend over $800 for a new device 2 months ago to get it replaced with a used device because of this crappy update. I'm at a loss right now. I've been thinking, isn't the CEO John Legere a big fan of the Galaxy Note 3 along with his Iphone 5. I wonder how he is doing with the update. Maybe we should all send him a message on twitter or something. I am at the point where I'm about to take this phone and throw it at the wall, consider it a loss, and move onto something else.

                                • Did you guys ever get a resolution the battery drain problems on the Note 3?  I have the same problem.  The battery life was awesome before I could go all day with medium use and still have 45 to 50% left. Now i have about 20 to 25% left.  It drains a lot when its doing nothing like everyone said too.  Nothing changed except I got the kitkat update. I don't have skype installed either.  Actually I never had skype installed. Kitkat is nice but I'd go back to 4.3 any day for the original battery life.  Now it sucks and Im thinking about jumping to another phone.  Maybe the G2 or GS5.  I can not stand this.  I have a feeling waiting for an update will take forever.  Any recommendations?

                                    • ed60

                                      Google is testing kitkat 4.4.3 that is expected to be released soon to their Nexus devices, I am not sure how long it's gonna take Samsung to test it and tweak it and add some bugs to it before rolling it out to their devices

                                      • I think the battery drain problem is resolved.  In fact it might be even better than before.  I went all night at work 12 hours with medium use listening to podcasts most of the time and got home with 65% remaing. I think the problems was lookout antivirus.  All I had to do was update the software and it fixed the batter problems.  It could have possibly been some other app so just update everything.  I know it was not a firmware update unless they can do a minor one without my permission.  Anyway the batter life is defiantly great again.

                                          • ed60

                                            Google already admitted there's a camera bug that drains the battery!!! in my case after I reinstalled the update via Kies and turned some of the fancy gestures stuff off and all the apps updated themselves well they still do it's endless lollllll I would say my battery performs better but still not as it was with the Jelly bean, my lookout is active except the backup feature, the phone doesn't drain the battery while idling or making regular calls but anything that needs the screen to be on it can drain the battery fast in a way, my screen brightness is set to 50%, and I don't use anything that needs lots of power I don't play games or so it could be just emails or check facebook and few messages, or read something on flipboard I don't stream stuff and if it happens it's very short nothing more than 5 minutes total, I believe if anyone checks the battery behavior under settings we will find that the kitkat with all it's related stuff consume lots of power????? it wasn't like that AT ALL with the jelly bean

                                              • Actually the battery is not as good as I thought but still much better than it was after i first "upgraded" to kitkat.  I discovered that Lookout was completely disabled and It wanted me to go in and re enable it.  So lookout wasn't even running and I haven't enabled it yet.  Maybe try uninstalling lookout completely.


                                                Also one thing I've noticed is that after i take the Note off the charger it runs down to 89% pretty fast then it drops really slow after that.



                                                I  just need to hold out for 3 more months so I can buy the LG G3 instead.   Samsung can't even miracast to anything but a Samsung device now.  That's just so lame.

                                                  • ed60

                                                    I am not really sure if lookout is one of the problems when it comes to the battery life issue, I do agree that the first 20% after fully charging the battery gets drained quicker than the rest of the battery juice, I fully charge the phone and reboot it before going to bed, I normally leave the internet connected either the cell data or the wifi, when I get up after 6-8 hours the battery can be between 92-95 % which I think depends on how many notifications was received, but once I start checking the phone like checking messages and emails and deleting them and take a quick look on the social media the battery gets drained fast in a way but yes for a certain reason when it reaches 80% or so it drains slower and slower I wonder if there is a bug making the  phone to be inaccurate reading the battery power????? who knows? all what I know that articles I read online talk about the new version of kitkat 4.4.3 that is supposed to fix around 3 dozens of bugs , so lets wait and see, we can tolerate the current situation for a while, this note 3 is a wonderful phone so hopefully we will be able to enjoy the best of it before it becomes dated lollllllllllllllll

                                                      • I honestly thought I was going crazy until today when I did a little search on the web about what I thought to be an issue with Kitkat update on my Note 3. Luckily I found this thread here and I do see that many other Galaxy Note 3 users have experienced the same thing as I have immediately after upgrading to Android 4.4.2. My Galaxy Note 3 at this point lasts about 20 hours of moderate use. Previously, (before the upgrade) it would last me well over the 24 hour mark and still leaving some juice, but at that point I would just charge it back up to 100% for next day.


                                                        As stated by many other frustrated and upset users, I really hope Android, Google, Samsung, T-mobile or whoever other parties that are responsible for these bugs, work as fast as possible to address them. I hope that the next upgrade (4.4.3.) would resolve this battery issues.


                                                        LESSON LEARNED: "IF IT AIN'T BROKEN, DON'T FIX IT." What I learned from all of this is that when I was absolutely satisfied with my Note 3 running Jelly Bean, I shouldn't have upgraded to 4.4.2. As this upgrade is irreversible. Truth be told, I have not noticed 1 single difference in operation between the Jelly Bean and my current version, KitKat.

                                                        With that said, I really hope they address this issue quickly, and until then, we all have to be more battery-cautious than we'd like to, or we had gotten used to.

                                              • ed60

                                                Well I do believe that every person around the world is aware of the tons of bugs the android kitkat brought to our lives of course the battery rapid drain was the worst, Google is working on it as I said and they will roll out kitkat  4.4.3 soon to some of their Nexus devices, I have also read that Galaxy Note 3 and S4 will get it later of course when Samsung tests it then decides to roll it out then every carrier decides to do that as well, what was annoying in the whole thing is when everyone complained about the battery they reached out to their carriers then to Samsung, hum I have been through that and we get the answer oh really we're sorry for that then say well we don't have in our database a similar complaint when the complaints are flooding the internet, then we had to reboot and reboot and wipe cache partition and master reset etc.... it can't be possible that all the devices experienced hardware issues at the same time and we have been asked to send our phones to be tested!!!!!!!!! of course I didn't because I was sure it's not the phone it's kitkat, and some people even replaced their new phones and got refurbished ones hummm I won't personally do that, my question is what's wrong if the customer care at T-Mobile and other carriers besides Samsung spare us the headache and just admit that the update was the problem, and ask us to be patient till a fix is released, if Google admits it already that their operating system has at least 3 dozens of bugs why Samsung and other carriers deny it and keep asking us to trouble shoot our devices and waste our time and their time, it doesn't take a genius to know it's a software issue when millions of people started complaining immediately after the update right??? it seems the update had even an issue installing because when everything didn't work for me I had to reinstall the update Via Kies and the phone got better still not as it was with the Jellybean 4.3 out of the box but it's much better. hopefully we will get the Kitkat 4.4.3 soon because it's really disturbing when we buy a wonderful phone like the note 3 brand new FULL PRICE then in a couple of months an update just turns it into a nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                • Try disabling the Lookout app. I was having terrible battery drain. I disabled it last night and the phone went 9 hours and only drained about 6%. I honestly don't think the issue with the phone is KitKat itself, I've been running KitKat on a Galaxy S3 for quite some time and the battery life has been exceptional.


                                                  My biggest issues, have been battery life terrible (hopefully resolved), wifi calling drops after a minute and a half, and the camera app is absolutely baffling with it's poor quality and very long save times.. I'm not sure why phone manufacturers and carriers don't go with a straight google android experience. The camera app on my galaxy S3 was fantastic best pictures I've ever seen on a phone.


                                                  Oh well custom ROMs have always afforded me the best experience on Samsung phones, probably one in the not so distance future for this Galaxy Note 3.

                                                    • ed60


                                                      All what your complaining about like the battery life, connection issues and camera problems like being slow and the sluggish autofocus etc.. are bugs already acknowledged by Google and they are working on a new version of kitkat 4.4.3 that is supposed to be released soon to some of their Nexus devices then later Samsung and other manufacturers will roll it out after optimizing it to their devices, meanwhile you can reinstall the update using KIES it does really help a lot and for sure it's much more better than the hard reset but if you prefer to root your devices well go ahead, there are others that don't like to do so.

                                                      • ed60

                                                        Hi I for got to tell you that I am having lookout activated and my battery life has significantly improved after reinstalling the update using KIES but speaking of lookout the only thing I disabled is the backup, I dunno may be it makes a difference.

                                                      • Today, after disabling Lookout, my phone was using battery at a rate of 2% an hour during light use and 3% during moderate to heavy use. Very acceptable.


                                                        I've used CyanogenMod 11 on my G3, and I had no issues with battery or the camera app, in fact the camera app on kit kat is one of the best I've used.


                                                        Galaxy Note 3 great hardware, OS is so so. Can't wait to find a good custom ROM that removes all the bloat and gives a straight kitkat experience.

                                                        • Never updating until I know for certain all major bugs have been resolved is something I've learned from experience with Windows OS's. I will NEVER turn auto-update on again on any of my devices, whether they be PCs, laptops, tablets, game consoles or mobile phones. I have ALWAYS ran into issues with the update breaking compatibility with something else so I have gradually learned throughout my years of tech experience to wait, listen and learn. Because of this reason, I am still on 4.3 Jelly Bean because I have never had reason to NEED to update it since nothing is wrong with it. The saying "IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT" is very valid in these instances and it will save you much time and frustration.

                                                          • Battery life for me on 4.3 was good, but then got worse with the kitkat update. However....once i got the VoLTE update, my battery life has been better than ever.

                                                            • Ok I have read many of the posts and I actually feel a little better that I am not the only one with these issues (misery loves company).  Is anyone experiencing the issue that the battery still drains even when it is plugged into the USB?  By the way I have two batteries and they both are experiencing the same issue.

                                                              • All,


                                                                I tried this KitKat upgrade when it first came out.  Like many of you here, it destroyed the user experience, and gave me absolutely horrible battery life.  T-Mobile was kind enough to replace the phone with a refurb so I've been happy on my reverted 4.3.


                                                                So, fast forward to now:

                                                                - Have these issues been subsequently resolved?

                                                                - Is it safe to upgrade my Galaxy Note 3 again?

                                                                - Should I continue to avoid Android updates?

                                                                • One small thing I have found is to disable the error reporting to T-Mobile.


                                                                  Settings --> General --> Backup and reset --> Collect diagnostics


                                                                  Disable it. Makes a small improvement.

                                                                  • another thing that can cause a battery drain is when you install a micro SD card into your phone and create custom folders to store and organize the files.


                                                                    i ran into this problem after i moved my SanDisk Micro SD (32gb) card from my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to my new T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Android 4.4.4) and about an hour later noticed that the battery was down from 100% to 88%.  i checked the battery usage and showed that the IndexService process was running constantly.


                                                                    i also tried using a branded Samsung EVO micro SD card but that did not resolve the problem.


                                                                    T-Mobile Customer Care and Samsung technical support were helpful but they were not able to provide a fix to this problem.


                                                                    if you use the micro SD card to store the pictures and video taken by the phone (change storage location to memory card) this should not be an issue unless you create custom folders and place files in them.  i like to have folders to organize my files (it does not matter the type of files saved on the card: .doc, .xls, .pdf, .mp3, .wmv, etc).


                                                                    the solution is:

                                                                    - rename your custom folders to start with a period (ie: MyMusic becomes .MyMusic)

                                                                    - you do not need to rename the sub-folders within that folder

                                                                    - do not rename the Android system folders (Android, Camera, DCIM, and LOST.DIR)

                                                                    - change My Files setting to show hidden files

                                                                    by doing this, the Android system does not see these folders and the IndexService process will not run constantly.


                                                                    for example, i have a main folder called MyMusic with many sub-folders for each artist - i only renamed the main folder (MyMusic to .MyMusic) and did not rename the sub-folders.


                                                                    another thing that i noticed was that these renamed folders are invisible to Windows when you connect your phone via the usb cable.  changing the view settings on your computer does not show these folders either.  you will need to transfer files from your computer to a folder on the phone, and then transfer the file from the folder on your phone to your micro SD card.


                                                                    my Note 4 is working the way it should and the battery life is awesome.  btw, I did not update my note 3 to Android 4.4.4 so that is why I did not see this problem.