My iPhone 5s has to be called twice to ring

    Recently acquired a 5s. When a call is placed to the phone, the call will automatically go the voice mail. If caller was to call the phone again it rings. I have had so many contact ask why their calls go to voice mail automatically. Anyone else experiencing this ? Solutions pls.

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      • tforce_keith_m

        That is an odd situation allow me to ask some questions that may help out here.


        Did this just start with the new device?

        Did it happen with your old phone?

        Does it happen every single time?

        If not is it specific people or a specific place that you have noticed?

        Do you have the ability to test your sim in another iPhone to ensure it is the device?


        Thanks so much!

        • Most likely your iphone 5s has do not disturb turned on.  This prevents first call from ringing.  I use this feature at night so that I do not get disturbed.  In my case Repeated calls is enabled under settings->do not disturb so that if the same caller calls within 3 minutes it will ring.


          So check your settings under do not disturb. If it manual is on (green), slide it left.  Also check if scheduled is on (green). If you do not like to be disturbed at night you can set it to hours you do not want to be woke up.  One nice feature of do not disturb feature is allow calls from favorites which will always ring even.  To add numbers to favorites go to phone->favorites and hit the + sign.


          Let us know if this was the situation and if my answer solved it.

          • That is awesome! I am glad together we could get you that resolution. Let us know if we can be of further assistance.