Phone stuck on the T-Mobile 4G LTE Screen (HELP, Tech Gurus GET ITT)

    My phone was completely stock, never rooted.

    I decided to perform a factory reset on it because it was losing battery quick and charging really slow and read that a factory reset could fix some of that.

    After the factory reset and when it was rebooting it got stuck on the Tmobile 4g LTE screen and it'd flash every second or so. I waited 30 minutes, took out the battery. Waited another 30 minutes. Nothing. Then 45 minutes and figured its not going to work. I then performed a manual factory reset and nothing happened. Cleared the cache partition. Still nothing


    My battery has now died and im currently charging it but i havent been able to find anything that will get passed the Tmobile 4g lte screen. Any advice/solutions will be greatly appreciated

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