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    Waiver of ETF




      I moved out of USA to India and had to terminate my contract with T-Mobile, I was told by the representative to send in an Govt issued Id from India to crresponse@t-mobile.com.


      I  have sent them an id 10 Jan but havent heard yet from them, Can you please help me to find my final bill and the ETF waiver.


      My t-mobile number was ***-***-****


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          Hi pranam. Thanks for reaching out! Our apologies but the Customer Relations team is a bit behind schedule. They are currently working on email requests received on 1/6/14 as of today. Please allow a few more business days for this email to be worked! We appreciate your patience while this gets resolved for you.

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            GOOD LUCK!! We moved and had no srvice at our new address. They checked us on their coverage map and agreed. Customer service ensured us the fees would be waived if we provided documentation of the move ( utility bill DL change etc..) We did. They later turned us over to West Asset Management for collections of $800 plus in ETFs on 4 of our 5 lines! What a sham! They also state that they never got our letters. My credit is now damaged and T-Mobile is no help! I hope you get better luck than me. But stay on them- because they WILL turn your account over after assuring you the ETFs are waived!!

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              Been with t-mobile for over 13 yrs with no interruption in service and all of a sudden no service at all, requested for customer support to check out what happened, after several calls and no reply we changed service to verizon then got a bill from t-mobile wanting $769 for early termination fees......we had a "no contract" plan, so what was the early termination fees for? getting tired of all the "run-arounds". I refuse to pay these fees and they will send it to collections which means my credit will be jeopardized. If so, looks like an attorney is in order to make them pay some money also. You can't beat these people but you can keep them in court a lot. Sounds like fraud to me...paying for something that they advertise and not getting the service or support. Very displeased.

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                To add to my last post, This is no way to treat a LOYAL 13 yr customer. Was told by a representative at the store to contact crresponse@t-mobile.com because he said that is the only way to contact anyone and it is by email only. Have tried several links at this URL and got nowhere as to how to send an email to someone in customer support.

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                  Hi afrizzell!!


                  We definitely value our loyal customers and are certainly more than happy to take a look into this for you! We've sent you a message directly to your inbox. If you'll look at the top of the screen next to your picture and profile name, you'll notice a notification icon. Please click that to view your messages. Thanks!!

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                    Hi my name is corinagarcia41 I was told I could get a early termination fee waiver because I've been having problems with signal since I started services with t-mobile I was given lots of trouble shooting and finally discover that there is no signal in my area please help!