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    Can't receive MMS messages on Galaxy S3

      Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy S3, I bought about 3-4 months ago, and I have Wal-Marts family mobile as the provider.  Ever since I've had the service, I have an extremely hard time receiving MMS messages on my phone.  I've gone through walmarts trouble shooting, which didn't do much.  I've changed the APN settings to what family mobile recommends, but I've noticed on this website the APN here is different, and the default on my phone is different.  First, does anyone know what APN to use for Wal-Mart's Family Mobile service?  I can send MMS just fine, but I either get a message that asks to download, and it usually takes a long time and numerous attempts to finally get it to download, and other times I don't even get a message at all, and don't know I had one coming until the person asks me if I got it.  My service area SUCKS!  Is that possibly the reason?  I'm usually only on the edge network, but then again even when I'm on 4G I still don't receive messages.  I'm usually on Wifi around my house, would it help to not be on Wifi all the time?  I tried tonight but still not getting messages.  For now I think it's verizon and sprint that is not letting me get the mms.  I don't know what else to say.  I've been having issues for months now.  I don't know what else to do!  Please help!  Thank you!