Solution to Picture/Group MMS on WiFi

    This was specifically for the Galaxy Note 3, but I am posting it here for the possibility it may be helpful for other Android Phones besides this one. While viewing the HTC One, Galaxy S4 and other pages I saw many people were experiencing Picture and Group (MMS) messaging problems. Obviously the steps may vary slightly depending on your specific phone model but I believe the APN settings should be relevant? If your phones APN settings differ from what is written below, retain your APN setting and only change the two lines that corrected the issue for my new phone.


    This is how I fixed my Note 3 from not sending or receiving Group Messages and Picture Messages while connected to WiFi. My phone would not Activate Data to send or receive those while connected to WiFi, resulting in error. The message or picture would try to download but would fail or would not send.


    Copy/Paste from my original Discussion.


    After two months I have found a solution to Group and Picture messages not being sent or received while connected to WiFi.


    It involves the Phones APN settings and was a very easy fix.


    Go to /System settings/Connections/More networks/Mobile networks/Access Point Names. Here you will see the APN "T-Mobile US LTE" Click this and copy down all of the information. For the Note 3 it should say

    Name - " T-Mobile US LTE "

    APN - " "

    Proxy - Not set

    Port - Not set

    Username - Not set

    Password - Not set

    Server - Not set

    MMSC - " "

    Multimedia message proxy - Not set

    Multimedia message port - Not set

    MCC - " 310 "

    MNC - " 260 "

    Authentication type - Not set

    APN type - " default,mms,supl "

    APN protocol - " IPv6 " <----------------This is what I changed

    APN roaming protocol - " IPv4 "  <--------This is what I changed

    Turn APN on/off - " APN turned on " checked

    Bearer - " Unspecified "

    Mobile virtual network operator type - " None "

    Mobile virtual network operator value - " Not set "


    Under the list of "APNs" at the bottom of the screen you see a "+" sign. Click that and created a new APN using the same exact Settings as the "default" TMO Note 3 APN. But you are going to make a change to theAPN protocol and the APN roaming protocol. For both of those you are going to change to " IPv4/IPv6 "


    As soon as I created a new APN and used IPv4/IPv6 for both of those my phone was able to send and receive picture messages and send and receive group messages while still connected to WiFi. I tested this a great deal. I even tested it on different public WiFi

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      • I forgot to mention, in order for this to work I had to Change WiFi Calling preference to "Cellular Preferred" or off completely fixed it also. If WiFi Calling was selected as preferred the phone would try to send the MMS through WiFi resulting in error. This was happening because the phone needs an Active Data Connection to send MMS but with WiFi Calling turned on and "preferred" the Data Connection is disabled

          • Hmmm...quick question. I'm unable to send MMS through the "Messages" app on my Galaxy Note 3, even after I've matched your settings. Neither through Wi-Fi, nor my cell's data.

            My situation might be a little different, because my Note 3 originally came from Verizon. I popped in my T-Mobile SIM card, and changed the APNs to allow 4G LTE and everything else. The only thing left is my MMS issue. Any ideas?

            I didn't root this phone or anything. It's completely stock, just switched SIM card, and added the T-Mobile APN settings

          • This fixed it for me! Thank you very much!

              • The fix for me was to change two APN settings:

                APN type: default,supl,a-gps,mms

                APN protocol: IPv4


                I'm pretty sure the second was the key, since it defaulted to IPv6. I suspect that since my WiFi is IPv4, when trying to connect to the MMS server it would use IPv4, and since the APN was set to IPv6, the phone wasn't smart enough to note that it should switch.

              • I copied all the APN settings and changed the Internet Protocols to switching 4/6 on my Galaxy s4.  Are there any drawbacks to having it set to Cellular Preferred?  I work inside a hospital where I get NO cellular signal and rely completely on wifi for coverage

                • MMS will work over WiFi calling with WiFi Preferred  selected.  In order for me to get it to work, I had to root my phone, delete the existing APN, and create a new one with APN Type set to nothing.  Setting WiFi calling to Cellular preferred may cause your phone to turn wifi calling off and connect to cell tower to send the MMS.  This doesn't work for me since I have next to 0 cell coverage. 


                  If you're looking to get MMS to work over WiFi and your phone is rooted, check out my post over on XDA:


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                    Re: Solution to Picture/Group MMS on WiFi

                    Hello all, This also Helps to fix The HTC One M8 Issue. Just change the APN type - " default,mms,supl " then reboot the phone and try it! It works!
                    No need for the APN Protocol Changes.

                    Hope it helps!



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                      Re: Solution to Picture/Group MMS on WiFi

                      I am having intermittent issues similar to what's reported here, with group texts on WiFi on a new Google Pixel Xl. I have tried adjusting the APN settings on my phone noted in this discussion, but is there anyone with a Google Pixel XL that could confirm what the APN settings should be? My phone had three APN's after activating the phone:


                      T-Mobile US 260

                      T-Mobile US 260 IMS

                      T-Mobile MMS


                      The first two have a radio button that can be selected (one or the other). The first one is selected. The third one does not have the radio button. I'm not sure if this indicates it's always selected and cannot be deselected or is never selected and can't be.


                      The initial issue I was experiencing was pics and even texts without pics on group messages showing as "downloading" and often failing to download. I believe this happened when I was on WiFi. I could usually disconnect from WiFi and restart and then manually click to download each message and they would then download.


                      Now that issue isn't happening (may be related to adjusting some APN settings as noted in this chain) but now intermittently my messages sent on group messages are not being sent (nobody on the group message sees my texts), even though on my phone it appears they did send. What's particularly odd is my first couple messages in the group message could go through and others see it and then subsequent messages do not. It does appear this happens when I'm on WiFi as well, but I'm not certain it hasn't happened with WiFi off since it's extremely difficult to troubleshoot (I don't know that others are not getting my texts).


                      I can provide the specific field values for all three APNs and even screenshots if that would be helfpul. I'm mainly trying to confirm what these settings should be, preferably from someone that is not experiencing this issue and has a Google Pixel XL.