Nexus 5 - Group Messaging using Hangouts (default/only stock choice)

    Hi all,


    I called T-Mobile support to no avail. Please advise if you can:


    I have a Nexus 5. The default SMS/MMS app is Hangouts (no other stock option). I am not able to receive group messages from anyone. I can send them and everyone in the group receives them, I just don't receive their replies.


    I also cannot send an MMS to my wife (StratightTalk/iPhone). I can SMS all day long though.


    No error messages for any of these. All look like they have sent. Very frustrating. I really wonder if this is the case with StraightTalk as well. I just ported over from them and would go back with them in a second if it would work.


    Any suggestions are welcome.


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