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        I think this scenario is the most likely.

        The device offerings at TM now are almost all Samsung or iphone.

        You guys got sweet deals on contract from those companies on the condition that you specialize in their products.

        Let's be truthful Jennifer, tell your boss that you're just going to have to come clean and let the public know that T-Mobile is done with blackberry. And that we can kiss all the money, $600, that we wasted on blackberry phones goodby.

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          1 phrase: WiFi Calling.


          A number of CrackBerry 'leak' users have reported it's been 'broken' by the 10.2.xxxx leaks, I suspect that feature has proven to be more problematic to make work well with 10.2 in any flavor than originally anticipated.  And with T-Mobile having certain 'in-building' coverage issues in the US, it's a good feature to have.  Really, the biggest frustration is lack of clear communications - according to CrackBerry, T-Mobile has rolled out 10.2.1 in several countries in Europe and in Asia.  Frustrating to be 'in the dark' in regard to US plans, and with what the real issues are. I feel for the T-Mobile moderators on the board - they're likely likewise being kept in the dark - and receiving the abuse for it.

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            It would break my heart if after over 13 years with T-Mobile official support for BlackBerry would stop. When you have a world where people switch companies every time a new offer comes in the mail loyalty is hard to come by. I haven't had service with T-Mobile in a long time..... I have a relationship with them. But this would be grounds for a divorce.

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              I've been with TM since 02 and used blackberry for 8 years. With 3 lines and unlimited everything I can't really afford to "divorce" TM but if they keep treating us like this I may just have to take the plunge and dump them anyway. I need access to the Android market, if TM won't help me they're going to have to be hasta la bye bye soon.

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                Here it is folks.

                If you want truth try asking someone other than tmobile.

                Crackberry reports that 10.2.1 has been released in 600+ countries including 6 with none other than, guess who!, you got it it, Tmobile. Czech Republic, Hungary, New Zealand, The UK, Netherlands and Germany.

                Here in the good ol' US however TM is treating us like the proverbial mushroom. Keeping us in the dark and feeding us feces.

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                  Sorry, that's 600+ carriers, not countries

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                    if at least they would've release 10.2 i would've wait a little more patiently, but no 10.2, i have a leak version install that has been giving me some issue... but the thing is it works better than the 10.1 that tmobile release back in sep 2013.  so they give no information, saying hey we jumping 10.2  is obviously they going for 10.2.1, everyday that pass is another day im more frustrated, since my bill is 103. and i cant even use my phone at work since i have no reception, my signal is horrible at home.. lucky for me i have the wifi calling which i get txt message, bbm, whatsapp and all that not phone calls, voice call over wifi with my z10 is horrible, maybe is the radio im using.. yet with the update that can probably be fix. but nope they just love telling us, "we have no information on that, keep checking the site which has been outdated since sep..

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                      Folks! I am a BlackBerry user and I bought an unlocked z30 100-5 model last Friday from Canada and I installed the leak.


                      Yesterday morning I received an update notification that there was an update available.


                      It was only about 10MB but it was there. I am thinking it was a small one because I already had the leak installed on my phone.


                      This would tell me that they do have the update and it's just a matter of when they are going to release it here.


                      Just thought it would pass that along. By the way, the z30 is a beautiful device and I an rocking on the T Mobile LTE network.

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                        Can you post the link for the 10.2.1 leak, please.

                        I've looked for it on the net but haven't been able to find it yet.

                        I'd like to get into the Android app market for some banking/business related apps that BofA doesn't offer to blackberry users.


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                          The update came as an OTA update though my z30, Sorry.

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                              I does upset me that T Mobile who had always supported BlackBerry would all of a sudden act we BlackBerry users don't exist?


                              They no longer carry them in their stores and have made it difficult to order one of their website? It's a dam shame that you spend your hard earned money for a product that the carrier is suppose to support and can't get any answers?


                              They sure as hell support Apple and Android products don't they? What they seem to forget is that at one time they made allot of money selling Blackberry devices and now that they are having some issues, they turn their back on them and the faithful users here.


                              I sure hope someone at T Mobile is going to solve this abandonment of the Blackberry brand and support issues soon?

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                                  Their current CEO Legere is more interested, concerned and focused on publicly trashing the other big 3 (Verizon, at&t and? Hmm, don't recall the 3rd right now, alltell?) to get more new customers than he is in taking care of the ones he already has. He's a real piece of work.

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                                    Tmobile LTE works on the Z30 100-5 ??? how about wifi calling?