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    "your internet connection is unstable"


      What is the story with this alert, that essentially shuts down my internet connection?  I have never seen this before a few weeks ago.  It didn't come up right after the major OS update, but just a few weeks ago, some other type of update must have been pushed out, because some things like phone call alerts then changed, as well as the fact that I am now frequently getting this message. I never get it at home, but I do get it when using public wifi spots.  But these are spots that I have used for months or years without any issues and it is happening at every public wifi that I am using, most of which are all places that I have known to have trusted and strong wifi, so I doubt that every independent public wifi spot in my area started having issues.  In fact, I started to bring my Kindle Fire with me to test these networks alongside my S3 and the Kindle Fire is picking up wifi fine, while the S3 suddenly returns this message.


      The message never comes up immediately, but only after about 15 minutes or more of use.  And I am seeing full bars as far as the signal strength, as well.  Does anybody know what this new feature is aor how I can turn it off?  It almost seems as if there is even the slightest fluctuation in the wifi signal (something that may normally not even been noticed by the user), that this sets off this alert.  Also, w=once it has gone off, I am unable to connect back to the network, without rebooting the device and then it can still happen again after another 15 minutes or so.

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          It might not be on your end. I have apps that'll pop up that message from time to time all while all the other apps have no trouble at all. Somewhere between you and what you are trying to connect may have issues or the server itself has issues.

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            Doesn't seem to have anything to do with an app.  If you google the message, you can see tons of threads hanging it on the new OS update.  From my observations, it wasn't in the original update, but in something that was pushed out a few weeks later. 


            I called t-mo tech support today and they bounced me upstairs and that person checked some setting on their end and saw that some things were out of whack and set that he changed some of those and I did a reboot of my phone afterwards.  It didn't end the problem, but it did have an obvious impact.  I went out for two hours and sat at happy hour, just to specifically use my device on an outside network.  Where before, this alert would come up and disconnect me from whatever network, until I restarted my phone, now the issue is that it will come up only temporarily (and likewise, only temporarily interrupting my wifi connection) and then disappear and my wifi connection was back.  That was never the case with this issue before.  Even when the alert would disappear, as soon as I went to a browser or app requiring active wifi, the alert would immediately reappear as if to remind me that I could not use that network. 

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              I guess this is considered a new "feature" I have this happen on my phone. Usually when I'm standing in a place with a weak wifi signal. At work we have some dead spots and my phone will announce that the signal is weak and pop me to 4G. It's kind of annoying because I may not care that it's weak. In the past if it was weak, it was just weak until you were in a stronger signal path.

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                Except that these are not even weak spots. I can see that I have wifi bars not only on the phone, but on other devices.  One place in particular that this keeps happening at is a place I hit for happy hour and when I first thought that it might be an issue with them, I asked where the router was and the guy said "you sit right in front of it every time that you come in here" and pointed to the shelf above the bar and the router wasn't even 10 feet away.


                I do think that it is part of the new "features," but I am hoping that there is some way to adjust the sensitivity for this or simply turn it off.  Who really needs the alert anyways?  If you are going to loose wifi coverage, isn't the display of weakening bars already the alert to this?  And like I said, I am not even loosing wifi when this happens, but the alert itself disconnects me.  I can have a device working right alongside and see that there is no weakening of signal strength. 


                EDIT: I just checked out another forum on this.  Check out the first post:


                Internet connection unstable notification - xda-developers


                Not only does this person's issue sound identical, he states something interesting; "I saw another post about weak cell signal on someone's 3."


                Now that could be going down the right path to figuring this out, because I can vouch that the places that I have been getting this are also places where I have no cellular signal.  In fact, that is why I require the wifi in these places.  This was never an issue before, but maybe it is with the features update.

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                  Let's hope that Android 4.3.x or 4.4 will fix this. Because I had the issue at home last night and my wifi at home was blazing along with no issues anywhere.  Let's see if wiping the cache resolves it.

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                    Hi opwog! I have done some additional research and the only steps I found also include clearing the cache partition, and toggling the WiFi on and off. I hope this resolves this pop-up for you!

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                      Even worse.  Now I am having trouble using my phone for Chromecast, because it is saying that the network with teh device is unstable.

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                        We would love to look into this with you with more information. I have sent you a private message with instructions on how to email us directly. We look forward to working with you. If you're unsure how to access your private messages, you can check them here.

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                          Sorry, I had a lot going on this holiday season and then this site was also screwy and not allowing people to log in for several days, but I just got back onto here and sent a direct message utilizing the emailed info that you sent me.  Hopefully somebody can get this straight.

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                            @opwog and/or@tmo_rick:


                            If you guys figure out how to fix this; feel free to post the solution here. I've cleared the cache a few times and I get that internet connection is unstable on my S3 quite a bit. I get this message at both home and work. (Both have sound wireless strength. It's annoying because it will stop going to the internet when you need to get there. I don't have this problem daily but it does happen fairly frequently.

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                              That cache clearing didn't change anything for me.  Given that the times that I most want to use my wifi is when I take a break from the world and find a corner stool at a bar or a coffee house, where I can sit silently and read my news and get caught up on emails and texts, this has become a big issue, because I have this problem 100% of the time now when I am at such a place.

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                                They sent me a quick reply to this link:


                                The specified item was not found.


                                But this doesn't help me at all and makes me wonder if the person actually read what the issue was, which was basically my original post in this thread, just with a few tweaks and additional info. 

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                                  My wife just got that message. She restarted her device and all was well.

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                                    She's on a Note 2.

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