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    Alcatel One Touch Fierce Frozen, Black Screen, Won't restart.

      When I tried to use my phone yesterday the screen was black and didnt wake up, I'm assuming was the issue. It was fully charged. I tried to do a restart by holding the power button down for a long time, as well as power button with the volume up and down buttons, but still nothing. And of course it has a non removable battery so that doesnt help me at all. And on top of that, this is my new replacement phone I received last week because the EXACT same thing happened to my last Alcatel which I only had a few weeks before then! And ended up paying a $20 manufactor fee to replace it. Please help me. I cant just keep dishing out $20 ever two weeks to get a new phone because the stupid battery cant be taken out. Is this a common problem with Alcatel One Touch? Please let me know what to do to get my phone restarted and working again.

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