Verizon's Droid Maxx work on TMobile?

    I'd love to get the Droid Maxx which is currently only available through Verizon.  I'm currently with Verizon on a monthly prepaid plan which gets me what I need at a decent rate, about the same as TMobile monthly plan.  I could buy the Maxx at Verizon but really want to avoid going back on one of their awful contracts, which would have me paying $40 more per month for the same plan I have now.  There seems to be an option to buy the Maxx outright, off contract.  So my question is does anyone know if the Maxx would work on TMobile, and has anyone actually tried it?  I've seen some mention online that it should be possible but frequencies are different, which might effect coverage and speed, like LTE would not work.

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