Hey there everyone.  The news on the web is that T-Mobile is not interested in getting the new Nokia line up, specifically the Lumia 1520.  I am a recent convert to T-Mobile from AT&T and was expecting that Lumia 925 might have a successor and it would be the Lumia 1520.  Someone else asked the same question to the Moderators and their reply was the usual, "we are listening to you" which means that they seem not to care.  I want to start a petition or movement to get T-Mobile fired up about this device.  Its the best Windows Phone yet and possibly the last of Nokia.  I don't understand why T-Mobile would not think this phone wouldn't sell.  The Lumia 521 is selling like hot cakes and I usnderstand the price is an issue, but T-Mobile does a better job with their payment program than the other idiot, AT&T.  Look at the sales of Samsung Note 3, its doing much better than the Note 2.  Maybe T-Mobile is looking for customers who just care about the cheaper services plans than phones.  Its just frustrating to see the second GSM carrier not to stock the latest Windows Phones.  And this is my personal opinion and I am sure many of you will agree that this OS is better and smoother than Android or iOS (I have used them both since 1st gen iPhone and Samsung Galaxy).  Lets get after T-Mobile and get them to stock the Lumia 1520.  Thanks.

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        Option 1?


        Select the Nokia Lumina 1520 with the "no contract" option.


        Option 2?


        Select the Nokia Lumina 1520  with the AT&T option.  The Unlocked version makes sense to order, but I am unclear if it is the U.S. GSM version, RM-893, using LTE bands ...


        Both options require you to get the phone unlocked by AT&T. 

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            I understand the solutions, but getting an unlocked phone does not give you the full T-Mobile experience.  Like for example, the customer service probably will not help beyond their scope because the phone was bought outside of their network, MMS and APN needs to be changed manually and most of the time you have to do it more than once, no WIFI calling app on unlocked phones.  These are just some of the issues with bringing unlocked phones to a carrier.  What I want is a complete satisfactory experience from T-Mobile.  At the moment I am using the Lumia 521 and I love it, but its slow and some of the apps don't work on it since its not Windows 8.  I am just saying that they (T-Mobile) does not need to buy millions of units, just order or preorder a small amount and see what the demand is like, obviously the demand is high on AT&T since they already ran out of stock in store and online, and some of the preorders were back ordered as well.  Thank you for your time though.

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                Lumia 521 does run the Windows Phone 8 operating system, just like the Lumia 1520. Some apps might not be compatible with the 521 due to hardware differences between it and some of the other WP8 devices: lower RAM, no front facing camera, lower screen resolution, no NFC capability.

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                    you are absolutely correct and i am wrong, I apologize.  Lumia 521 does run OS 8.0.  But you definitely hit the nail on its head, not having those options makes a the Windows Phone experience not a thorough one.  Its like using those cheap android handsets as a PAYG service.

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                    Short of wifi calling, the AT&T Lumia 1520 seems to provide everything else - but I never had wifi calling before on T-Mobile anyway - they don't seem to provide it for every phone.  Follow this link for instructions on how to bring the 1520 on to the T-Mobile network:



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                        T-Mobile has provided wi-fi calling for every OS that supported it since it has to be embedded in the OS.  Android was of course the first then BB and Windows with Apple the last to recently join the parade.  The only other phones that they sold were the Nexus devices which were "pure" versions so it couldn't be embedded in the OS because that would negate the "pure" status although it seems now that Google is going to embed it like Apple did for use by the carriers that support it and will just not be used by those that don't in a later version of Lollipop due out sometime early next year.


                        One thing that most people I don't think realize is that the carriers don't always get a choice of which phone they carry.  They may want to carry a device but the manufacturer either because of an exclusive deal they got money for or they just don't think the carrier can sell enough to make the custom carrier programming or hardware requirements worth the effort so they won't even offer it to the carrier to sell.  Yes the carrier sometimes decides it is not worth the cost associated caring a particular product line but it is also the other way around and frankly we will never know who it was.

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                            Yes. Perhaps every OS, but definitely not every phone. It was promised for the Lumia 810 but it never happened. The 521 and 925 both got it with the same OS.  The 810 met all hardware and software requirements but, likely, did have the subscriber base to make it worth it.

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                      Nokia and AT&T negotiated an exclusive deal for AT&T to sell the Nokia Lumia 1520.  It wasn't a situation where T-Mobile was "not interested" in carrying the Lumia 1520.  I sincerely doubt that T-Mobile is willing and able to beat the amount of money that AT&T will put down for the exclusive rights for the phone.


                      The Lumia 1520 wouldn't be considered a successor to the Lumia 925.  It is in a separate class of devices, much like the Lumia 1020 is.  The successor to the Lumia 925 will probably also have a model number that starts with '9'.

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                          I understand that is not a successor to the 925.  The whole point of my original post was to gauge interest for the Lumia 1520, which I know exists more than what I see on the forums and also to let T-Mobile know that there are niche customers that would like to purchase and use a 1520 on T-Mobile or a variant.  I understand that T-Mobile is not as loaded as $t&T but they got the Lumia 925 didn't they?  I am sure they can work out a deal for the 1520 variant.

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                              The Lumia 925 was never an exclusive device.  Comparing those phone releases to each other is comparing apples and oranges-they're not the same.


                              Realistically, the demand for the Lumia 1520 isn't that high.  Looking at the interest that I see in the Lumia 1520 forums on WP Central and considering that the forums have a worldwide audience, I doubt that the number of T-Mobile US customers that are interested in the device numbers in the six-figures.  I wish for Nokia's sake that it were different (I'm a stockholder), but the large phone market is lead by Samsung's Note series at the moment.  The Lumia 1520 does nothing to threaten Samsung's position there.  Sony is a bigger threat than Nokia is.

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                            I have been perusing this forum trying to gauge interest in the 1520, so heres the deal. Negri Electronics sells the AT&T variant which has the 1700 AWS bands, both LTE and 3G. Maybe this was Nokia getting around the exclusivity by including the AWS bands. Only drawback is that they are locked. I will most likely call AT&T and see if they will unlock the phone. Good thing is per their website, if it is paid in full they WILL unlock the phone, which usually takes 48 hrs but could run up to 5 days. Just hit up Negri's website, they cost 630 bucks and come in yellow, red, black, and white colors. I hope this information helps. i'll be getting one on the 15th!

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                                AT&T probably won't unlock it until six months after the release date because it is an exclusive device.


                                Edited to add:  You also have to be a current AT&T customer or a past AT&T customer with an account number in order for them to unlock the device.

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                                    21stnow wrote:

                                    "AT&T probably won't unlock it until six months after the release date because it is an exclusive device".


                                    ~ Incorrect

                                    11/26/13 17:59 hr pst unlock request, case number

                                    11/27/13 11:51 hr pst unlock code received


                                    Nov. 26th the AT&T person gave me the case number.  She suggested AT&T may respond by Wednesday December 4th.


                                    Nov. 27th AT&T email arrived with the unlock code.


                                    The government requirement is that "subsidized devices" be paid off in full before an unlock code is provided.


                                    The Nokia Lumia 1520 is a nice++ device.

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                                        I'm glad that you got unlocked.  I asked AT&T specifically about this device earlier this week and they said that they wouldn't unlock it during the exclusivity period.  That was also in line with the experience that I had with the Lumia 900.

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                                          I order my Lumia 1520 (paid no contract price). I'm trying to getting it unlocked. But, AT&T and Microsoftstore is giving me a run around. Does anyone who is not a AT&T customer have unlocked the Lumia 1520 successfully to use with T-Mobile ?

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                                              i ordered mine from the Microsoft store. i had one of my friends with att get it unlocked. att can see in there system where its been brought from. the att unlock site wont unlock it... my friend had them put in a request for the code took a day. just make sure there in good standings with them

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                                              So just a question for those who unlocked the phone from AT&T .... does the phone fully function with T-Mobile network? I mean is it stable? does it support 4G LTE with T-Mobile?

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                                          I left Verizon three years ago for T-Mobile because "V" wasn't interested in Windows Phone.  It seems T-Mobile is losing their interest and AT&T is pushing the envelope.  It's peculiar when you visit a T-Mobile store that all the employees are using the Galaxy Note because of its size, but T-Mobile won't embrace the "phablet" on all platforms.  I don't need a phone with a million apps, I just want one with business reliability and the Windows Phone 8 accomplishes this, but I want a phone with a display larger than 4.5".  T-Mobile needs to wake up to the fact that they need to offer a little variety in their hardware on all platforms except Apple.  Those users are quite content with a phone that's hardware changes very little from generation to generation.  I wasn't thrilled with Nokia, but I have to admit the 925 is a very nice piece of hardware with some slick built-in apps.  I'm just looking for its bigger brother.

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                                              Starting in July of 2013 I have been going to my local neighborhood T-Mobile store because I was curious about the windows platform and also wanted to play with the 925.  I would go atleast once every two weeks and I too noticed that all the sales associates would have a Samsung brand phone, which I don't care but I would see the Nokia display empty everytime.  Meaning all the customers that were there were either looking at the upcoming or already there iphone or the android platform.  I would stand there for about 10 mins or so and play with the device and not one time an employee has come up to me and asked "may i help you with anything or did you have a question about this phone?"  Its only when I would ponder around the android platform or am about to walk out they would say something.  Its truly sad because I did my research for the phone and the service before I switched from AT&T this November and I love their service don't get me wrong but lack of higher end Windows phone (which I prefer over iOS and Android) would make me go back or go prepaid on AT&T.

                                            • Im not sure who's fault it is that T Mobile does not carry the Nokia Lumia 1520 but someone dropped the ball here and this phone makes me want to switch to AT&T. Its a shame we are in the age of unlimited technology capabilities with an unlimited GSM network company but we are not able to use the best phone out there on the market right now. How many people use OfficeSuite Pro 7 (not OfficeMobile which is made by MS Office)? Apparently 15 million. If T-Mobile invested in making sure they had the top phones and Tablets exclusively for Microsoft Users, then it would be wise to grab Nokia's attention in any way possible for that reason only, not to mention it is the best phone out there. If T-mobile hasnt noticed yet, the mobile market is going for investing in phablet designs, T-Mobile just missed out on taking advantage of this during a prime time of 2014. As a t-mobile customer I am pretty disappointed. 

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                                                i totally agree.

                                                what more can be done to get them to stock the lumia 1520.


                                                as, I have this awful lumia 521.

                                                which, is a considerable downgrade from my lumia 900 series phone, from at&t.

                                                I had to take this lumia 521.

                                                in hopes they would stock the lumia 1520.

                                                now, I am stuck after moving from at&t.

                                                when, I could have traded in a galaxy, or iPhone for a lumia 1520.


                                                I am not happy with this huff wack lumia 521.


                                                I really want the 1520.

                                                to the point I will leave tmobile.

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                                                  Wanted to resurrect and old thread.


                                                  I love the 1520 and abhor At&T. (I've had them at work since 2006 and currently suffer with my Blackberry z10.)


                                                  Is there any idea if/when TMO will get the 1520? I like my Note 2 but really enjoy the Windows phone UI, plus all my staff use C# for development.  However, the 920 is way too small. 

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                                                    I'm leaving T-Mobile specifically because they're not carrying the 1520. I've been a customer of theirs for 9 years. Fourteen months ago, I got talked into purchasing the Nokia Lumia 810, and I LOVE it! But now I want something bigger, and T-mobile's silence on the 1520 or any new similar Nokia phones has forced me to jump ship. I've scoured the tech sites and T-mobile's forums for any reason to stay, I've also asked in their retail locations about new Nokia phones. All I get are crickets. So, onward to AT&T where I can finally get my 1520.

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                                                      The 1520.3 is available from newegg.com.  I has full Tmo band support, Qi charging and the full 32 GB storage.  But you'll have to shell out $625

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                                                          I thought about ordering that one but I currently have an unlocked rogers lumia 920 and had to spend lots of time getting MMS working.  Also, it doesn't have WiFi calling, doesn't get alerts for sever weather, amber alerts, etc. 

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                                                              MMS is only a problem on carrier branded phones.  I've had zero problems using an unlocked 720 on T-Mobile.  For unlocked ATT branded phones, you just have to edit the MMS APN...takes 2 minutes.  Yes, if you need WiFi calling, I would suggest a CellFi device from T-Mobile.  If you complain about service in your house, you can get one for free.  If you need it often outside the house, I'd suggest a different carrier because the WiFi calling app on WP is kinda crappy.  Severe weather alerts can come from any weather app of your choosing.  Amber alerts.....really?


                                                              Of course there will be some sacrifices.  But not having to wait on T-mobile to get your OS and firmware updates would definitely make it worthwhile, IMO.  Carrier branded devices are not your friend.  I wish T-Mobile would drop carrier branding altogether and do what the rest of the world is doing.  I can dream....

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                                                            jgbstetson you make a good argument and I think unbranded phones may be the way to go.  Most phones have emergency alerts built in for severe weather, natural disasters, amber alerts, etc. and you don't need to rely on an app.  Those alerts don't work on my Rogers 920 because it's a Canadian phone and seems to be missing the option completely.  If you go to Settings > Applications>Messaging, and scroll to the bottom you should see an option for "emergency alerts".  I wonder if the unbranded phones have the option, can you check?


                                                            That's s nice feature but no a deal breaker for me so I do plan to order an unbranded 1520.  Thanks for the info.

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                                                                This is to confirm: The unlocked Latin American version that B&H sell (1520.3 AKA RM-938) fully supports T-Mobile, including both 4G LTE data and MMS. Got it a couple of days ago, had to "downsize" the Micro-SIM card to a Nano-Mobile store.


                                                                The phone immediately created an APN on its own and started fully supporting 4G LTE data and MMS messages without any additional APN editing. (This did not happen with my AT&T LG E980 that required APN for both data and MMS to be created manually.)


                                                                Just in case: APN functionalityMobile APN was created automatically and is not editable. You can create you own APN if you need to, both Data and MMS options are available.

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                                                                    That's good to know that you have the phone working with out much trouble on T-Mobile.  The main thing that's missing is WiFi calling otherwise I would of ordered the 1520 by now.  Anyone know if it or another high end lumia will come to t-mobile soon?

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                                                                  Hey Konfuesious,


                                                                  Not sure if you are still looking for an answer on this, but I have one. Back in July Nokia released a 1520.3 variant for Argentina. This variant just to happens to use T-Mobiles LTE bands. It only came in one color (black). I bought this on newegg.com for just under $500.


                                                                  When it arrived I popped in a nano sim I had to buy for $10 on T-Mobile and had my number moved over from my Nokia 925. After changing the language to English and did all of the updates and got Preview Dev installed and did all of its updates, I was up and running on WP 8.1.1. LTE works just fine  (I'm getting about 20MB down here in Chicago). The only feature that will not be available with this variant is WiFi Calling. If you are on an unlimited plan, this should be a non-issue.


                                                                  So long story short, while its not a "T-Mobile Version", it will work on T-Mobile. Again pop over to new egg and look for the variant 1520.3 (again pay attention and make sure you get that .3).