Sim card is not working


    I just purchased a used Gravity-T669.  The master reset has been done.  I know what the pin number is.

    When I insert my T-Mobile SIM card from my previous phone, a Nokia flip phone, I get the 'no sim mode' message on the Gravity. The sim works fine on the Nokia.

    I then tried the SIM for my other phone, a Samsung SGH-A847, it also gives me the 'no sim mode' message on the Gravity.

    Can anyone help?  Is the phone bad, or am I using the wrong kind of sim? I looked on the tech specs for the Gravity, but it does not say what kind of sim I need.  The ones I have are the correct size and fit perfectly.  I am definitely inserting them correctly - gold-side down, with the slanted edge in the right place.

    I am currently on the pay as you go plan.

    Let me know if I can provide any additional info.



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