International Roaming

    I'm on my first international trip with my Sensation 4G, and the overall experience has been excellent.  However, there has been one annoying issue:  as usual, I receive a text message from T-Mobile whenever I enter a new country warning me of the data roaming rates incurred if I turn on data roaming.  Since I don't want to pay $100's per day for the data use of my phone, I choose to leave data roaming off and get data from wifi spots.  So far, so good.  However, my phone bombards me with the same (contradictory message):  "Do you want to turn on data while in roaming? (International roaming rates apply).  If it happened once when I entered a country, or even once a day, I wouldn't mind.  But it pops up constantly -- dozens of times per day.  Each time, it requires a yes/no response.  Is there any way to turn that off?

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