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    Samsung Galaxy S4 MINI


      Has Anyone tried getting a Galaxy S4 MINI working on T-Mobile?  I was about to buy one on Amazon and there seems to be differing views as to whether the frequency bands are correct and I'm not familiar enough with it to figure this out.



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          At this point I think I just need to know whether or not your phone actually HAS to support the 1700Mhz band.  TMO supposedly states that it supports the HTC ONE phone but it doesn't support 1700Mhz band.  I'm getting really confused as to what is actually necessary to work on TMO.

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            Hi joebobku!


            The Samsung s4 Mini will work on our network but per this page on samsung's website http://goo.gl/BGlTHt it will work on 4G HSPA in refarmed areas but will not work on our LTE.

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              I'm looking to answer the same question as the author- sure the mini s4 has some bands that work on t-mobile but not the 1700 mhz.  What does this mean practically for someone with this phone?

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                My understanding is that  the phone, without the 1700 mhz. Band will not get  full  performance on 4G LTE.


                Internet speeds may be slower, and there is a possibility that you might not be able to be on a call and the Internet simultaneously.


                There is a Samsung Galaxy 4 mini

                GT 9195 [ catchy name lol] which HAS 4G LTE but is missing that 1700mhz. Band which Metro PCS and TMobile phones have.


                We need a Tech from TMobile to verify.


                I am looking for a hi performance pocket phone and TMobile does not carry Minis and the S5 Mini and the

                HTC One 8 Mini [ another catchy name]  will be out soon...


                Hoping TMobile will step up on these  .