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    Lumia 521 Turning on/off By Itself...

      Is anyone having issues with the Lumia 521 turning off/on by itself several times a day?

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          This has been happening to my wife's 521 and apparently is a common issue with this particular phone.  What is causing it is a very slightly loose battery.  Even a tiny bit of play can cause it.


          I suggest trying what I did to make the shutdowns very rare.  I took a small piece of paper and folded it a couple times and wrapped it around the edge of the battery opposite the contacts to give it a much snugger fit.  If it still shuts down, add more paper.  I had to add paper after the first attempt.  It hasn't shut down since I added the greater amount.


          You can also start the process to have your phone replaced.  Not sure if you can keep your phone while waiting for replacement.  I asked the question but was ignored.  They even marked my problem as solved.  It isn't

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            That is very strange reny3519. If you have to put a piece of paper in the battery compartment to get it to stay on, we would like to look into your replacement options. I have sent you (as well as makeitso) a private message with instructions on how to email us directly. We look forward to speaking with you.

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              Hey reny3519,


              It has been 36 hours since our last comment so we are now marking this post as assumed answered. You can continue to post, and other community users may respond, but if you would like assistance from T-Mobile or T-Force, please create a new discussion.



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                I am experiencing the same problem. My solution has been the same. Put a piece of paper under battery to keep it from moving. I have also noticed that the pins do not seat tightly into the battery slots. It still happens, just not as often. What are my options?

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                  Im having this same issue.. started when I was sent a replacement Nokia 521..  i noticed a family members brand new 521 battery is very snug.


                  I was just on phone with tmobile for an hour... they stated there is a patch to be sent out via Nokia, however nokia said there is no patch and i should do a hard factory reset.   I have already reset this phone five times previously.  I was sent a refurbished phone.  I just tried the paper inserted into the battery and it seems to be working.   Many years ago I had to do that to an old Nokia phone with Verizon after a rep placed his business card into the phone to secure the battery.... guess its still an issue for nokia. 


                  tmobile what is your solution for this type of issue?

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                    I need help as well!! 


                    Bought the Lumia 521 for my mother, with just a little shake it turns off as others have reported. I'm still within the 30 day return policy for Target however I don't  want to take it back only to find out all of them are suffering from this problem.


                    What do you recommend please?


                    I have tried the paper insert however it totally feels like a bandaid job that'll wear out in time.


                    thank you!!

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                      I started having this issue with my Lumia 521 yesterday. It just keeps turning off and on for no particular reason. Can someone please guide me regarding the process to get this problem fixed?

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                        vpargain, the previous posters are recommending that you slip a bit of paper between the battery and the back case cover. This helps the battery to remain in contact with the phone, when it is loose otherwise. Did you try that suggestion?

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                          Thanks for your suggestion sneakymoose!

                          I haven't tried using paper as I really don't want to use a work around to

                          get my phone to work as it should normally. If I have to do this, then what

                          is the point of getting a new phone, may as well get refurbished. I

                          apologize for the harsh tone but I am really feeling duped right now as I

                          would not have bought this phone had I known this was such a common issue.



                          On Thu, Feb 6, 2014 at 11:49 PM, T-Mobile Support Community <

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                            Well if you're just posting to get more of T-Mobile's attention towards this issue, you will need to post as a new discussion as this one is already marked "assumed answered" from back in September.


                            You may want to raise your concern with the manufacturer, Nokia, also. They have support lines and forums, too.


                            No phone is without flaws, by the way!

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                              They automatically tack it as Assumed Answered after 1 1/2 days or so. Whether the problem is persistent or not.

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                                Our sons 521 phone keeps powering off plus it doesn't always receive calls or texts. We've only had it 6 months so we took it back, and they sent a new one. We've had it 5 days, and it has the same problem. I'm concerned that wrapping paper around the battery would be a fire hazard. My Samsung 4 often gets really hot! Going back tonight to try and resolve the problem!

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                                  This sucks because I'm about to receive my new Lumia 521 in a matter of days. No phone should go through this kind of ordeal just to sustain power - new or old. Looks like I'm going to be returning it for the Google Nexus. Reason I chose the Lumia was for Wifi-Calling feature.

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                                    I had a Google Nexus s that ran for 3 years almost perfectly minus a few issues towards the end including power button and finally it just completely had a death. Google Nexus are great phones. I heard the Nexus 4 had a few issues and had a limited recall of some kind. Otherwise Google phones work well. They most certainly are less buggy.

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