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    WIFI not turning on LG optimus L9

      I am not able to turn on WIFI with my LG optimus L9.I tried even factory reset and didn't help either

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          After you turn on wifi, If you hit menu>settings>wifi, is your wifi connection listed?  What happens when you try to login to the wifi connection?

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            It says WIFI turning  on and never able to completely turn on .so It never shows any wifi available in the vicinity .

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              I think there is something wrong with the phone (lol, duh, obviously).  Call t-mobile to discuss the problem and arrange a replacement.  If you are around known wifi spots,  and it doesn't see any of them, then something that cannot be adjusted by a setting is wrong. 

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                Understanding the Issue


                Wi-Fi calls drop when Wi-Fi appears to be connected

                Wi-Fi connections drop

                Cannot switch between Wi-Fi access points when multiple ones are available


                What happens and why


                When using Wi-Fi in a location with multiple  access points (e.g., wireless router, public HotSpot, etc.), the device may not be able to switch between them.


                The Wi-Fi data connection and Wi-Fi Calling connection may drop for a few minutes before reconnecting.



                Software version affected


                Software version resolved P76920d

                Software update resources Software update: LG Optimus L9

                Issue type Known Issue



                Help & How to

                What to expect


                This issue was resolved with P76920d.

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                  Symptoms: Cannot connect to Wi-Fi  Resolution Steps:

                  1. Turn off Wi-Fi on your handset. For steps, see Wi-Fi under Connectivity in Common Procedures.
                  2. Turn off your handset.
                  3. Unplug the router.
                    Note: Advise the customer that Wi-Fi will be unavailable for other devices while the router reboots.
                  4. Wait 5 seconds and power on your router.
                  5. Make sure the Power light and Internet light are solid on the router.
                  6. Turn on your handset.
                  7. Turn Wi-Fi back on and try to connect to the Wi-Fi network again.
                    • If the Wi-Fi network is remembered, delete / forget the network. For steps, see Wi-Fi under Connectivityin Common Procedures.
                    • Ensure any security passwords for the Wi-Fi are being correctly entered in the device.
                    • Continue troubleshooting if you still cannot connect to the home Wi-Fi network.
                  8. Check the device known issues for any relevant issues. If an issue is listed, follow the steps included in that issue.( i did :

                  Connectivity & data

                  Wi-Fi data or calls drop / multiple access points

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                    It's totally not a good day that after all the effort doing these steps on basic troubleshooting then it still does not work if i would recommend to call customer care on a different line so further assistance can be provided from technical care to correct the issue...

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                      that help guide is nice, but does not seem applicable to the OP problem where he cannot get wifi to even see a connection.  That guide appears to be for a different problem.  And just for the record    it is WRONG.   The "wifi calls drop when wifi seems connected" problem it describes as "This issue was resolved with P76920d",  was NOT resolved or fixed.  In my experience it has gotten worse.  When I have wifi calling on, about 50% of the time the caller (nor I) does not hear any ringing and then it goes straight to voice mail.


                      This renders wifi calling essentially useless most of the time.  I called t-mobile regarding this and it was "escalated".  They were supposed to get back to me in 72 hours, but I have yet to hear from them and I am not holding my breath.  This phone is essentially junk, in it's utility to me, at this point. I really didn't want to have to spend money to replace it but like so many androids I have owned, it is a buggy mess and the likelihood of a fix seems about zero at this point. The sad part is, this phone was stable for me prior to the JellyBean update(s), which completely ruined this phone.

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                        sorry to to hear bout the experience, i understand when it comes to calling assistance over the phone, time consuming and adding up frustrations,, my option at times is calling the manufacturer they may have other work around with the issue..

                        and no offense what i posted is what i have research to see if it will help correct the problem.. i know that experiencing the issue will have a better knowledge how to work things out yet if there is no resolution with that i do apologize.. i just hope other features on the phone works..

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                          My issue still not resolved. I called T-Mobile tech support and they are suggesting replacement.

                          But bad thing is they would send me the replacement only after receiving the defective phone and replacement I get would be used phone. This is not what I expected for 220$ I paid for.But all problems started after last week system update I did that.

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                            I can't turn off /on WIFI and it shows like wifi turning on always .But it never stops .

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                              We would love to assist with this! We have sent you a private message letting you know how to proceed at this time. Thank you! -Joshua J.

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                                Hey, I've been having the same exact problem with my Optimus L9, it just started the other day.  What should I do?

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                                  I am having the same problem with my phone. Could you tell me how you fixed yours

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                                    Im having the same problem also