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"No SIM" error


First, I tried to pay for the $30 5GB of data plan with a credit card and it said "No auto pay calendar date selected," despite the fact that there was no such corresponding field. Then, I received an email stating "Your account has been activated." Despite this, with the sim card in my unlocked skyrocket I still get the notification that there is no sim. Is it because my number is still undergoing the porting process? I sure hope that my device will recognize the sim card when the porting process is complete.

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    Call in and speak to a.prepaid.representative

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    That's gonna suck.


    Most of Tmobile's reps sound like they're from the ghetto but the prepaid reps are from the bad part of the ghetto.


    Have fun.

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    All T-Mobile SIM cards are activated with a temporary number during porting. If the sim had not been activated it would read Invalid SIM.  My extensove engineering expience leads me to believe that one of the following is the problem: You are not using the right type of tmobile sim card (there are 3 used by tmobile),  your phone is not suppprted or your phone was not unlocked properly. I have had this issue happen when the device was not fully unlocked before. I hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the reply. I did consider that it may not actually be unlocked, but I dialed the number *#7465625# to open up network info and the network lock is off according to it. As for the sim card, I am sure that the skyrocket uses the standard sim card. The skyrocket has been used by others on T-mobile, I believe.

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    Yes, this device has been used on the network unlocked but users report only EDGE data access. A no Sim error on the device means the device does not recognize the Sim card. This is a known problem with The skyrocket. Its very picky on the sim cards it works with. A friend of mine actually had to use a micro Sim in a Sim expansion kit to get his to work after he completed both the paid and free unlock method. It has absolutely nothing to do with the network though.

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    Yes, I've read various threads on this and users flashing custom roms and radios to get off edge and onto 3G/4G. I would think with so many threads pertaining to this, that some would have mentioned the "No SIM" notification? I've read another thread where someone else had the same problem, only another user had messed with his APN settings and the OP had flashed a radio. I've already flashed a t mobile radio though and still can't get the sim recognized, so I'm not sure what else I should do. I suppose I should look into APN settings, and then if all else fails I'll order a micro sim and adapter.