Guam isn't part of the United States?!

    So I call TMO customer service and ask why they charge 29 cents a minute to call Guam since I have an unlimited nationwide calling plan.  Astonishingly, I get told repeatedly that Guam is not part of the United States.  I told the agent that Guam is part of the United States just like Puerto Rico is, and Puerto Rico is part of the nationwide calling plan as it should be.  Unbelievably, the agent told me that Puerto Rico is one of the 52 states of the USA!   So I ask for the supervisor and she says Guam is not part of the United States and so I have to pay international charges.  So I'd like to know how TMO defines the United States with regards to it's nationwide calling plan and which US states territories are included and not included.  There should be a disclaimer somewhere on the TMO website noting that the nationwide plan does not include the entire nation (e.g. Guam) or perhaps TMO is not familiar with world geography, and should include the United States Territory of Guam as part of the US nationwide plan.   

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        Those are territories. Also they may not have a commercial agreement with the owners of towers in Guam.

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          We have 50 states... Puerto Rico is not a state and Guam isn't a state.

            • That's right - the USA is composed of 50 states plus territories and at least one of those territories is part of the TMO Nationwide calling plan.  That would be Puerto Rico and it's not a state.  That being the case, which US territories are/are not part of the TMO unlimited nationwide calling plan and where is it documented.  Should be simple enough to answer.

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                Re: Guam isn't part of the United States?!

                I am very late to this discussion, but folks, PAY NO ATTENTION TO ALL THE CRAZY REMARKS FROM TIDBITS ABOUT GUAM. THEY ARE AS IGNORANT AS CAN BE.

                       Tidbits says, "Territories are NOT part of the United states. They are not governed by US laws and the constitution of the united states."

                WHAT? HUH?

                      That is a bold face lie. And ridiculous. If not the U.S., which country's laws and constitution are they governed by? News flash.  If you break a U.S. federal law in Guam, you go to a U.S. prison.  Why?  Because the U.S. Constitution and it's laws apply to the people of Guam.  Why?  Because it's part of the USA!!!

                      When you go into the post office in Guam, it's the U.S. Postal service and their employees.  When you visit the IRS office in Guam, it isn't the Internal Revenue Service of Romania or Poland or some other nonsense it's the U.S.. Same with all the other U.S. government agencies like the EPA, FEMA, the U.S. Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, NASA, U.S. Federal Court, and on and on.

                      If you are a foreigner that needs a visa stamped in your passport to come to the U.S., you need one to come to Guam too.  If you turn 18 in Guam and you're a boy, guess what?  You are obligated to sign up for the U.S. military draft.  Not the Cuban military, or the Korean military, the U.S. draft.  Similarly, West Point, the Air Force and Naval Academy admit students from Guam every year.  In fact, some who have gone on to become Generals in the U.S. Army.  The U.S. does not admit foreign citizens to their military academies, and we aren't crazy enough to have foreigners as generals commanding our army forces.

                    In summary, Guam is and has been, since 1898, one of the parts of the United States of America. The U.S.'  governance, customs, language, money, school system, TV, driving laws, tax system, environmental laws, etc., etc. all apply.

                I have three children born in Guam. Each of them have a U.S. passport for travel.  Each of them can run for President some day, if they want to.





              • Lol 52 states !!!!!!!!

                • Wow is all I can say.  First of all states and territories fall under FCC rules. They must follow all radio guidelines that the FCC has placed forth.  The main reason Guam, America Samoa, and Marinana Island are considered international because it wasn't part of the North American Numbering plan dialing until recently.  It was not to long ago you had to dial 011 to call those places.  The Caribbean has always been in NPA dialing +1.  Up to the early 90's calling the Caribbean was area code 809 which included Puerto Rico and USVI.  Ever since the explosion of area code splits and adds Puerto Rico and USVI got assigned its proper Area Code.  Sprint, Cingular(AT&T), Verizon(Claro), SunComm(T-mo) had networks in PR and USVI. Back in 1996 cellular companies were allowed to provide long distance service and with the big push for nationwide coverage it was easier to include PR/USVI in the nationwide calling map.  

                  • This thread is ancient, but it's the closest

                    I can find to my own problem, namely, Intl.

                    rates being charged for a call to Saipan,

                    which is in the Northern Marianas Islands-

                    another U.S. Territory. Did you resolve this in your favor, Mark, and if so, how?

                    • Ya, the deal is BS! I have family there and have to call on a landline to avoid the charges which is making me think of switching to ATT at this point- 


                      Read alot of these posts & some of you need a geography & social studies lesson.  Especially liked the "They're NOT citizens" posts-  They are US citizens-  They vote, Federal law is enforced in ALL the United states including ALL US Territories-

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                        Re: Guam isn't part of the United States?!

                        What about Navassa? I want free service on Navassa!


                        BTW, free roaming on Broadpoint in the Gulf of Mexico is also not part of the deal.