Guam isn't part of the United States?!

    So I call TMO customer service and ask why they charge 29 cents a minute to call Guam since I have an unlimited nationwide calling plan.  Astonishingly, I get told repeatedly that Guam is not part of the United States.  I told the agent that Guam is part of the United States just like Puerto Rico is, and Puerto Rico is part of the nationwide calling plan as it should be.  Unbelievably, the agent told me that Puerto Rico is one of the 52 states of the USA!   So I ask for the supervisor and she says Guam is not part of the United States and so I have to pay international charges.  So I'd like to know how TMO defines the United States with regards to it's nationwide calling plan and which US states territories are included and not included.  There should be a disclaimer somewhere on the TMO website noting that the nationwide plan does not include the entire nation (e.g. Guam) or perhaps TMO is not familiar with world geography, and should include the United States Territory of Guam as part of the US nationwide plan.   

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