Frustrated with Cliq xt

    Yesterday I contacted tmobile support to see what could be done because of all the problems I have been having with this phone; not keeping a charge (especially when i am using blue tooth in my car),  screen freezing, phone shuting down... blah blah same ole tune as you all have on here.  The solution that tmobile is having me try is "reset" again... but this time dont allow any apps to the phone for two days to see if the phone works.  My question to tmobile was "my daughter had this phone and also had these type problems - she luckily was able to upgrade to a new phone"  We used the "insurane" and turned in that phone received the "refurbished" phone i am now talking about - same issues.. I know she and I didnt have the same apps; so how are you thinking that these problems are from an app added to the phone?" "also, what good is this phone if im not able to aadd apps to the phone? and why am I paying for additional plan to have these said apps?, like the story you have all been writing about, tmobile had no real answer except that in two days they are going to call me back to see if the phone is working as I would like it to.... well duh... NO its not going to be working as I would like it to...I wont have any apps on the phone.????  So basically, they want me to just add an app at a time and see which one seems to make the phone not work.  Sounds like a whole lot of work for a "customer" to do to just have a working phone!!  


    My next thought is to go to Motorola and see what they can do; has anyone tried this as of yet?

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        I phoned t-mobile (second time in 4 months) and mentioned how they desserted us with v1.5 cupcake android, and I need help getting to something that meets the minimum requirements for redfin/skype/new apps etc.  The best they could muster up is "I'm sorry to hear that".  Unfortunately they won't do anything to help move cliqXT users to any other phone that meets minimum requirements for new apps (as well as to get fixes for some older apps).  Not even a discount.  It didn't even matter that I had been with them since 2001.


        I blame Motorola as well for leaving such an aweful taste of their product.  Hardware is nothing without software (and vice versa).  It's hard to believe that after promising an upgrade to 2.1 last october, then Jan'11, and then spring'11, that they would give up this summer and say there will not be a new update.  Unfortunately all the old threads documenting Motorola's position on this has been lost.


        Neither party has any empathy for desserting cliqXT users.  I am now stuck with a phone that is stuck in 2010, and the only way out is to pay full price or hit up the used phone market in craigslist/Ebay.


        Both t-mobile and motorola have picked up a strike against their names and it's going to take forever for me to forget this mess.  I'll be passing along the story of what happened, and my opinion of both brands for a long time.