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    Email Forwarding to TmoMail.net

      Hi, I am trying to set up a forwarding rule for my Gmail Account to SMS <xxxxxxxxxx>@tmomail.net



      I can send or forward emails to the SMS address above without issue MANUALLY.  However, when I send from an application using a comcast mail account (need to use this because it supports port 25) to the GMAIL account - it does not work.


      It is unfortunate because I am able to use the same steps above and send to an AT&T user <xxxxxxxxxx>@txt.att.net


      NOTE: I can see these messages leaving our mail system to TMOMAIL.NET through the forward rule.  No NDR messages are received.



      Does tmomail.net block PORT 25?  Is SPF checking used?


      I'm new to the site, but cannot find much information related to the SMS mail restrictions/limitations.  If anyone has any links that may assist with that information?  I have seen the character and other basic troubleshooting docs but cannot determine the connection issues I am experiencing.  Thank you,



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          Hi mr.ipa,


          We want you to make sure you do not have any filters that may be blocking these messages from being sent. Check out Set up email filters on My T-Mobile to see how you can check your settings. Let us know how it goes.

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            Hi tmo_alicia_b,


            No filters are in use.


            Please note: this account is receiving mail when I send manually to xxxxxxxxxx@tmomail.net but not when the autoforward is in place through Gmail.  Sending from Gmail is fine - only breaks as an autoforward.


            Does tmomail.net use SPF checking?

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              Hello my.ipa,


                You've done all the right troubleshooting and we don’t have information about SPF checking or port blocking. This sounds like there might be something on the Gmail side that's stopping the  email from being forwarded. I apologize that we're not able to help.

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                mr.ipa where you able to resolve this issue?  I am experiencing the same problem. Not able to send to any TMobile phone.  I've also looked at the T Mobile help info and don't find anything helpful.

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                  Seems like a lot of people are having this problem (including me) is it's listed on other support tickets as well.   Given that this works on competitors phones (i.e. AT&T) it's probably time to forward this problem up the chain to technical engineers to see for sure what the problem is.  


                  Lot's of people need to be immediately notified by automatically occurring events (i.e. server alerts and security systems) so it's important to get this fixed.

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                    I work in T-Mobile Technical Care as a supervisor and have had this call several times. I have reached out to our engineering department and filed a trouble ticket for the issue for SMS -> Tmomail.net and Tmomail.net -> SMS. Our engineering department has since rectified the issue and came back with this resolution for our customer:


                    "Subscriber mm3 attempts were being throttled by spam clusters due to DHA and invalid recipient percentage. Customer's email xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.com fails with bounceback with 421 final SMTP delivery failure, which is sign for overutilized connectivity. I disabled SMTP throttling and we sent 30 bulk messages, all were received. Will followup with ProofPoint on SMTP throttling settings."

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                      Thanks for the update.  For what it's worth, I was having delivery issues when trying to use tmomail.net as well.  Just yesterday (7/10/2014), I was on Live Chat trying to get the issue resolved.  All of the sudden, a whole bunch of SMS and MMS were delivered all at once, as-if they were queued up somewhere.  Perhaps that throttling thing uncorked everything.


                      So far, since yesteday, tmomail seems to be reliable again.  So far so good!


                      Many of us (in the IT community) rely on Email to SMS functionality, and expect 100% deliverability.  Please permanently remove all such throttling, and/or get enough servers to handle the traffic, and/or perform close automated monitoring to tell when your throttling is failing to deliver messages.  I know this feature may seems simple or unimportant, but we need it for system monitoring and alerting, etc.  It's a MUST-have feature!


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                        Now this is happening again. And I see very similar situation as the one described by mr. ipa. the only difference which I see, is that gmail does autoforwarding to tmomail.net address, but only ion case I send that email to Gmail manually. If Gmail receives the same message from the Java program - autoforwarding to tmomail.net does not work. autoforwarding to other vendors (like AT&T)works fine. Please, address this issue, this is in many cases a business-critical functionality.

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                          I'm feeling your pain.  T-Mobile hasn't properly designed their email->text service.  The results are very intermittent.  They seem to have white listed some server like gmail.   I just spent an hour on the phone with their support and this problem is way above they their ability to solve.  They don't even know what to do or how to escalate the issue.  His basic answer was:  I'm sorry it doesn't work. Can you just not use the system.


                          All the mail server logs indicate that tmomail.net is accepting the messages.  It's just sending the messages into a black hole.


                          This is a huge problem for many people.  Please find a way to get a hold of someone that can escalate the issue.  You need to find the person responsible for setting up the filters on the SMTP server receiving the messages on the T-mobile end.


                          Anyone else that's having the same issue please complain on the support forums so it will get their attention.

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                            Cisco WVC210 IP CAMERA Firmware Version: V1.1.1

                            CHARTER CABLE MODEM ISP


                            NOKIA 6350 ****-shell phone running tmobile.



                            Hi, I want the 4 JPEGS taken during motion-detection event to be visible via an MMS text msg to my non-smart Tmobile running Nokia6350 clamshell mobile phone.

                            I've tried two configurations. (1) I listed my GMAIL and <my cell num>@tomomail.net as the recipients in the camera and (2) I removed mobile from the camera and just created a GMAIL FILTER FORWARD to <my cell num>@tomomail.net. Both give the same result ... failure.

                            Thus far, using the CHARTER SMTP, the JPEG email arrives fine to GMAIL from the WVC210. But the filter in GMAIL to forward that email to <my cell number>@tmomail.net gets executed but the MMS message on my phone is non-visible, meaning, the header info appears in the phone but no pictures are visible of the motion event JPGs. In fact, the incomplete nature of this forwarded email doesn't even cause the text-msg sound to go off on the phone....so that really helps me know a motion occurred, huh ?

                            Here's the kicker, now IF I login to GMAIL and manually forward the motion-detection email (containing the 4 JPG attachments) to <my cell number>@tomomail.net, it comes through to the phone and WALLA THERE IT IS ! I CAN SEE THE PICTURES !

                            I've spent time with Tmobile verifying correct MMS settings.

                            SUMMARY: The problem lies in the format of the message emailed out by the camera, and whatever that format is, it must also be present in the GMAIL filtered forward because both cause my phone to say "STATUS: Multimedia message error Unknown network error", and the sender and subject lines are present. BUT if manually forwarded from GMAIL to my phone, it appears as I desire on my phone.

                            PLEASE PLEASE HELP. I'm at the end of my rope and don't know what else to check.

                            Thanks In Advance.

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                              Hi! I have the same problem stated here, what can I do to have somebody from the Engineer crew to give me a hand?

                              Thanks a lot in advance :-)

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                                same problem as mine ?? I'm still stuck. I don't really have a clue.

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                                  Partially resolved. Changed MULTIMEDIA MESSAGE SETTINGS to 160x120 MMS image size and though the pictures don't appear on phone, the text message chime IS ACTIVATED alerting me to a motion event, which is sufficient.

                                  Case Closed.