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    Google Voice as voicemail

      Is anyone having trouble using Google Voice as their voicemail provider on the S4? I have tried to set Google Voice, but when people call me, they get sent to my old T-Mobile voicemail greeting from ages ago, and the voicemail goes to visual voicemail. Am I missing something when I set Google Voice as my voicemail provider?

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          It's their dialer. You have to manually do it yourself as voice can't do it on some "custom" dialers. Touchwiz dialer is one of those.

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            I had no problem on the Galaxy S2. Anyway, can you elaborate? What do you mean manually? The only voicemail options I have are "Voice Mail" and "Google Voice".

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              I am interested as well.  I plan to get an S4, hoping to get a 32GB version, so I am waiting on the sidelines.  But I have an HTC One S now, and my visual voicemail doesn't work for me on it, regular voicemail does.  It did work for me in the beginning, and I tried the "text to talk" feature that T-Mobile charges for, but when I removed the feature, that's when my visual voicemail crashed.

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                Go to visual voice mail under apps

                Clesr cache

                Remove data remove any updates

                Restart phone

                Visual voice mail should work

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                  Thanks a million Rizzies, you fixed my visual voicemail.  Now can you make me a SGS4 32 or 64GB in black please?

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                    Y w

                    I wish


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                      Yes.  It was a pain in the neck to figure out.  The Google Voice app setup will not complete the setup on this phone.  So after you finish that you have to go to the phone's setup, then select "My Device", then "Call", then "Voicemail Service", then select "Google Voice".  This part you probably did via the Google Voice app setup.


                      Next, select "My Device", then "Call", then "Additional Settings", then "Call Forwarding", then change the forwarding number from T-Mobile's Voicemail number to your Google Voice forwarding number for each of the three options:  "Forward when busy", "Forward when unanswered", and "Forward when unreachable".  Be sure to turn wifi calling off before you attempt this part, otherwise "Call Forwarding" will be grayed out.


                      Note:  You have two Google Voice numbers, one to access your voicemails and one that calls should be forwarded to.  Be sure to use the forwarding number and not the access number for the above step.  I made that mistake at first.


                      Now, with regard to changing the dial up access for your Google Voice messages, it appears that T-Mobile has disabled the ability to change the access number, or the #1 on your speed dial.  They have it hard coded with the T-Mobile voicemail number and the settings options to change it is disabled:




                      I called about this and they say we have to use another speed dial number, for example #2, for our Google Voice access.  This is not a big deal most of the time since I check my messages via the Voice app or via my email, but you need to be aware of this in case you find yourself in a no data location and try to check it by pressing the voicemail speed dial.  You will reach T-Mobile Voicemail not Google Voice, so you may forget and think you have no messages when you do.  I think it is pretty rotten of them to disable this.  I see other carriers don't do that as I have found instructions online for how to change the voicemail number on the S4, and I see in the settings where it is, but grayed out.  Google Voice was part of the original Google phone and intended to be part of Android.  Those of use who got the latest greatest Android phone should be allowed to fully use Google Voice.  Shame on you T-Mobile.

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                        So, you gave me that info to fix my visual voicemail the other day.  I thought it looked like it was going to work, but it started doing the same thing the next day, maybe it's just a problem with my One S.  So I downloaded Visual Voicemail Plus by PhoneFusion.  It's free, and looks good, you can add some pay features to it like a mobile fax number, and/or voicemail to text.

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                          Go to google play store sey ipdates to not automatically update

                          Then follow the strps i gave u again

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                            Set updates


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                              I ended up doing this myself, but looking at answer #7, this is essentially the exact same thing that I did. One thing to keep in mind is that this wasn't working as long as I had Wi-Fi Calling on. I turned it off and this all started to work.


                              Marked your answer as correct, tnet. If I hadn't figured this out by now, you would've been a big help. As it stands, I hope other people see this, I know I'm not the only one who had this issue.

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                                Fantastic - nice setting to know about.  Thanks, @tnet! 


                                Will England

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                                  Thank you tnet!!!


                                  I was having this issue on my Galaxy Note 3.  Everything seemed correct as my voicemail setting was pointed to Google Voice but all my missed calls were still forwarding to Tmobile's visual voicemail.


                                  I followed your "call forwarding numbers" tip and now I have Google Voice voicemail back.



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                                    While the answer given above does indeed work it is much easier to accomplish then the steps listed in the "correct" answer.  Here is the advice given by Google on how to do this and it works perfectly.  If you have recently switched to T.Mobile and your phone number is already associated with Google Voice you will have to delete your mobile number before you can get it to work.  Simply follow steps 1 & 2 then click delete beside you mobile number.


                                    All of this is from Google voice on your computer.


                                    Set up Google voicemail for your phone

                                    With Google Voicemail you'll have all your voicemail in one place, with transcriptions, access to your past voicemails, and voicemail sharing options.

                                    If you'd like to set up Google voicemail for your mobile number, follow the steps below:

                                    1. Click the gear icon link at the top right corner of the page. gear icon
                                    2. Click Settings.
                                    3. Click Add another phone
                                    4. Enter a name and the number for your phone and then select the "Phone Type".
                                    5. Click Save.
                                    6. You will be prompted to verify your phone number. Click Connect and Google Voice will call your phone. Verify your phone by entering the code that appears in the 'Verify your Phone' pop-up window.
                                    7. Click Activate Google voicemail on this phone.
                                    8. Follow the directions on the next screen and enter the code provided as if you were calling someone. Press the 'Call' button on your phone to finish setting up Google voicemail for your mobile phone.
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