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    "My phone Number" cannot be saved after Carrier Update today.

      Hi everyone. I just switched from ATT with my unlocked iphone 4. Here is what happened: I received my sim cards yesterday in the mail. Put it in and everything was working fine. Today, I connected my phone to iTunes and it offered a carrier update which I downloaded.


      Now, whenever I open my messages, a notification pops up saying that "MMS messaging requires phone number, go to settings and enter your phone number". When I do so, it says that the phone number cannot be saved.


      This is happening on two sim cards that I received. I assume the carrier update screwed something up because it was working fine last night when I first inserted the sim card. I didn't check if it listed my number, but MMS message wasnt showing up. Any possible solution?


      So far I tried: resetting all settings, resetting just network settings, airplane mode on/off, wifi on/off, 3g on/off, sim card in/out, restart phone, hard reset, tried a different sim card in too.


      I doubt it has anything to do with the phone or iOS because When I put my ATT sim card back in - the phone number shows up right away.


      My Cellular data settings (MMS too) became fast.t-mobile.com after the carrier update.

      I dont know what they were before, but I also found a document here and tried the epic.tmobile.com version. Nothing happens.

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