Problems with Touch Screen, Texts and Phone Powering itself off and on.

    Anyone else have problems with their Cliq XT regarding the phone shutting itself off and on, touch screen being very slow to recognize input or phone sending text replies to random people?

    I constantly have issues where I receive a text, hit reply, type whatever I have to say and then hit "send".  A lot of times, the phone will send the reply to whoever the previous text in my history was from, instead of actually replying to the original text.

    Also, I have issues all the time where I can not type into an e-mail or text because the touch screen freezes up, or I can't answer phone calls because the screen is not working.  This is my 3rd phone (thankfully I got the insurance for this P.O.S.) but I am really getting sick of having to deal with re-downloading apps, backing up photos that are saved on the phone, etc.  I am trying to correct this issue without getting a new phone, yet again!

    I just need to make it until Spring and upgrade when my contract is up.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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      • I've been having the same issue and some additional problems.  As mentioned, the phone is very temperamental and only works about half of the time.  My touch screen goes absolutely insane and puts my calls on mute, calls random people, resends text messages or doesn't send them to multiple users in a mass text.  My phone also powers down whenever it chooses whether it be during a conversation or when its charging and when it restarts it resends texts to whomever it chooses.  I also thought my phone was quite nifty when I got it, but that fondness has been gone for quite a while.  It's freezing up has caused me to miss quite a few important conversations and wasted much of my time.  My phone has caused quite a few meltdowns and teary outbursts in frustration.  I have found that it helps to delete old text conversations to prevent the phone from resending new message.  My contract is up in March and I don't know if I'll be upgrading or transitioning to a new service provider.  Every time I go in to a Tmobile store, they try to convice me that there is nothing wrong with my phone and that it's just temperamental.  Because of this, I've had the same one and haven't been able to use the insurance that I've been paying for every month.  I like Tmobile and I'm hoping for improvements in technology with the upcoming AT&T merger.  Motorola phones are officially the worst though.  Every Motorola phone I've had had glitches with the battery or the screen or something and I will not be getting one again.



        I'm sorry your phone is acting up, but it makes me feel better to see that I am not the only one.

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        • I thought my 2 year old Cliq died today, it was turning it's self off and on, and the home touch screen was either not responding or it would blink to black and then reload whenever I touched it but not necessarily load all the widgets and shortcuts up that were on it. It would not let me slide to other screens or access my contacts. It was a sudden failure. My battery showed a full charge, it had not been dropped or gotten wet. Tech support tried to help me trouble shoot it. After an hour I resigned myself to not having a working phone till payday. But tonight I started playing with it... and I think I fixed it, at least no problems with it for over 2 hours.


          What I noticed was if I could get into a text message or online, the touch screen worked fine, the problem seemed centered on the home screen, and the same widgets failed to load each time it reset, the status update widget and the Happenings widget, so I removed them. Not one problem since except when I tried to re-add the Happenings widget...and when I redeleted it... the problem disappeared again.


          The problem seems to be linked to least so far. Maybe facebook or twitter changed something that is freaking it out. Try this, it it doesn't help, it won't hurt anything, you can add the widgets back in. I did keep the messages far no problems but it does seem to have a slight update delay on emails.


          Hope this helps someone else.

            • I have also been experiencing this same problem over the last two weeks or so with my motorola cliq tx.  The home screen freezes not allowing me to access any of the widgets, it turns itself on and off at will,  it fades to black when trying to use the control buttons at the bottom etc.  I have deleted the widgets associated with facebook in the hopes that will remedy the problem. I talked to tec support online and they said I needed to do a master reset on the phone thus causing me to loose everything. Reprograming is fine, at this point, I just need a working phone but the link she sent me is not recognized by my computer and just causes me to go into a internet connectivity page????  Super weird   This is the link sent by the rep:  If the facebook delete does not course correct does anyone know where I can go to do the master reset????

                • Here you go.

                  Master reset using the hardware buttons - Motorola CLIQ XT

                  VERSION 2    

                    Created on: Aug 15, 2011 9:48 AM by brian - Last Modified:  Sep 24, 2011 11:37 AM by tim


                  To reset the device using the hardware buttons, follow these steps:


                  1. If the device is responsive, back up all necessary data. See: Prepare for a master reset and back up data on Android
                  2. Power off the phone
                  3. While the phone is off, press and hold the Camera key, then turn the phone back on using the Lock/Power key 
                    • Note: Continue to hold down the Camera key while the phone boots up
                  4. When prompted, release the Camera key
                  5. On the USB FastBoot/BOOTLOADR MENU screen, press and release the Volume down key to enter the Recovery Mode 
                    • If done correctly, you will see VOLUME DOWN KEY PRESSED appear on the screen
                    • IMPORTANT: You only have 10 seconds to complete this step before the device powers back on. If that occurs, you will need to start back at Step 1
                  6. When the "Triangle!" screen appears, tap the bottom right corner of the display to access the Motorola system recovery screen .
                    • Note: If this doesnt work, Touch the bottom right corner and make a small circle gesture to access the recovery screen.
                  7. Highlight the row labeled wipe data/factory reset
                    • Note: You can use the touch display, volume up/down keys, or the Tinytouch pad to highlight the row
                  8. Tap Ok to begin the wipe/factory reset
                  9. When the wipe is complete and the device returns to the Motorola system recover page, highlight the row labeled reboot system now [Menu+Back]
                    • Note: You can use the touch display, volume up/down keys, or the Tinytouch pad to highlight the row
                  10. Tap Ok to begin the reboot
                  11. When the device powers back up, you will see the MOTOBLUR setup screen and have the option to create or sign into an existing BLUR account



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