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Tmobile iPhone with NO data coverage at all.


I have an iPhone 4S that has been flashed specifically for tmobile and I know there are plenty of people that have 3G/4g data coverage when using tmobile iPhones.....BUT I DONT EVEN GET 2G. I don't get the E (which is Edge which is 2g) I'm stuck using Internet so slow that's actually so slow that I can't even use it. I've changed the apn (because i know tmobile doesnt carry the iphone and theyre data doesnt work until you change it) like all people say to do and I got mms to work but I have NO DATA COVERAGE AT ALL. And my town and where I live have great 3G/4g coverage (including my sister but she doesn't have an iPhone) so I'm stuck with nothing. I've had this tmobile iPhone for 8 months and I've never had usable data. I don't even have 2g........what can I do?

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