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    LTE Band # and Frequency.  Can T-Mobile clearly specify??

      There was once HSPA+.  And now LTE.  While T-Mobile is now heavily adveritising "Bring your own phone" service, it is so lacking in providing the spec the customers need to know when purchasing an unlocked phone.  I've googled it so many times, but I NEVER got a straight answer.


      1.  In terms of Band Number, Which LTE Band does T-Mobile Support?  There are upward 23 bands or even more.  Which one is it?


      2.  In terms of Frequency, which LTE Frequency is it?  1700, 1900, 2100, none of the above, or all of the above?


      T-Mobile NEEDS to spell out the spec requirements for phones the customers are going to bring in to its network.  It's that simple!

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          1700/2100 AWS...

          They reframed their 1900 spectrum to work for HSPA.

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            Hi hn2013,


            We have information available to give you details on the frequencies that are required to access our network. Take a look at the following links for more information.


            The specified item was not found.

            4G Overview

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              Thank you all, for the answers.


              Still one nagging question, though:


              NOt stated by T-Mobile on the 4G LTE Overview page is its use of the 1900 MHz frequency.  As mentioned in the 4G Overview Additional Info, "T-Mobile is switching some 1900 MHz frequency from EDGE to HSPA+. This will allow devices that work on 1900 MHz, such as AT&T devices, to use our 4G network."  I think New York CIty is part of that "some".


              So, is "From EDGE to HSPA+" equal to LTE?  In other words, if I saw a device that supports LTE 1900MHz, will that work with T-Mobile.  I'm asking this because I'm about to buy a Sony phone costing upwards $750, and I want to make sure it will work on T-Mobile.


              Thank you so much!


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                no hspa  is different from lte

                hspa  is their first 4g  connection type and will do 21 mbps  if the phone has hspa  on that band but lte no.

                you need lte  band 4 1700

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                  Hello hn2013,

                  The theartiszan is correct. Even though 1900MHz is a band supported by T-Mobile, it is not supported for 4G LTE. If the phone you are looking at bringing to T-Mobile supports Band VI 1700/2100 MHz, then it will work on the 4G LTE network. Remember though, the 4G HSPA+ will get you to speeds of 21 Mbps at times. Depending on where you live and what you want to use the phone for, you could very well have fast enough speeds on 4G HSPA+.

                  Hope this helps answer your question about network and device capabilities.

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                    @hn2013, If you are talking about Sony Xperia ZL North American model C6506, YES it will work on T-Mobile HSPA+ and LTE. It has a penta band radio both on 3G and 4G.


                    HSDPA: 850 /900/ 1700 / 1900 / 2100

                    LTE: 700 / 850 /1700 / 1900 / 2100

                    LTE: Band I / Band II / Band IV / Band V /Band XVII


                    Doesn't get any better than that. T-Mobile and AT&T - friendly out of the box!!!

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                      Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise, HSPA+ is an addition to the 3G standard to provide higher data rates than originally scheduled.


                      What T-Mobile's doing is moving 3G/HSPA+ service off its 1700 MHz band and onto 1900MHz, where more phones support it globally. This frees up capacity on their towers to use 1700 MHz along with 2100 MHz for LTE/4G.


                      T Mobile is compatible with the following:




                      WCDMA1700 (likely will be phased out over a long period of time)


                      LTE D: 1700, U: 2100


                      If anyone at T Mobile or otherwise tells you HSPA+ is 4G, ask them when you can expect the Gigabit speeds promised by the 4G standard. The industry caved into mobile providers using the term incorrectly. Yes, HSPA+ is currently faster than LTE in many markets, but this isn't going to be in the case in a few years when additions are added to the LTE specification bringing its speed up.


                      3G: WCDMA technology.

                      4G: AWS technology.

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                        hi everyone, i intend to join Tmobile since I heard of some good comment from my friends. But due to my low budget, I only have a low-end 3G phone which could only support wcdma1900/2100. Is it possible to use this phone in T-mobile network in both voice and data usage? Does anyone or TMobile personnel can answer me?

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                          It will work.  If you live in a refarmed area you will get better speeds, but if you don't the best you will get is 2G speeds.

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                            Thanks for your prompt reply, then i know i can use my phone. Since i am not too familiar to Tmobile network, can you explain what is refarmed area? If there is a map or something that can show will be great.

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                              They changed their 1700/2100 spectrum for 3G/HSPA+ to 1900. Their LTE will be 1700/2100.

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                                Hi @tmo_erica (or any other T-Force specialist), as discbrake mentions, the Xperia ZL model C6506 should work with and be compatible with T-Mobile's 1900 band correct?


                                This is straight from the Sony website for the Xperia ZL specs:

                                • UMTS HSPA+ (Bands 1, 5, 8 or bands 1, 2, 4, 5, 8) *
                                • GSM GPRS/EDGE 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz
                                • LTE (Bands 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 20 or bands 1, 2, 4, 5, 17)*


                                You stated that a phone brought in to T-Mobile would work if it supports Band VI 1700/2100 MHz, which according to the specs from Sony's website, the ZL doesn't suppoert Band 6.


                                Here's my question. It is a very complicated question at that.


                                I've had my Sony Xperia ZL C6506 for 13 months now. Never had a problem with it during those 13 months.


                                Just 3 weeks ago, I got a text from T-Mobile informing me that they are upgrading my area to 4G/LTE. Just this past Friday I received a text from T-Mobile thanking me for my patience and that my area is now upgraded to 4G/LTE. Now, 2 days later on Sunday, I started having an issue where my phone started restarting. And not just once, but every few minutes it would restart again and it would just continue in that loop.


                                Here's where it gets interesting and where I don't think the problem is solely with my phone. Since the restarting issue started this past Sunday, whenever I'm at home and my ZL hops on my WiFi network, the phone would be completely normal - no restarting whatsoever. I even tested putting my phone on Airplane mode while at work. Phone never restarted. Then I leave work and I turn off Airplane mode, and it connects to a signal, minutes later it's restarting. Same thing when at home, on the WiFi, never restarts on its own. When I leave my house and the phone disconnects from my WiFi, a few minutes later, the phone starts the restarting loop.


                                I've called T-Mobile customer service 3 times already and really haven't received any useful information. Even took my phone to a Sony store and had it looked at and troubleshooting done by a Sony technician and he couldn't find a solution.


                                I called T-Mobile customer service this morning and the gentlemen I spoke to informed me that the new upgraded 4G/LTE band in my area is 1900. Then he mentioned that the reason my ZL was restarting all the time when hopping on T-Mo's network was because my ZL wasn't compatible with the 1900 band.


                                I am still unsure if what he said to me is correct or not. And I'm even more confused with the info you provided about a phone being compatible with the Band VI. Can you or anybody provide some further insight on why I am experiencing this very frustrating and confusing problem?


                                My wife also has T-Mobile and has the same exact phone as I do and hers is going through the exact same problem as mine.


                                I just find the timing of my problem coming shortly after the 4G/LTE upgrade to be somewhat of a big coincidence and possibly the reason why it's making my phone and my wife's phone restart.


                                Thank you in advance. Sorry for the length, I tried to make it as detailed as possible in hopes of solving this dilemma.

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                                  I have an even stickier issue.  I switched from ATT to TMO yesterday.  Things were good, since I get to pay less.  But today, my moto android started having audio issues.  Sometimes, in the middle of a call, I cannot hear the other party. They hear me fine.  Does not come back unless I pull the battery.


                                  So I am thinking....well, they must be switching the tower transmit frequency to something I do not have on my MA.  And re-establishing a new connection fixes it temporarily.


                                  I also have 3 other older GSM phones that while unlocked, will not get the audio portion of a phone call.  They are all multiband.  But TMO must be doing something unusual.  And the tech support guy did not have a clue.


                                  Is there something special about TMO phones that make a run-of-the-mill GSM phone unreliable on their voice network?  I am not all that worried about data....I do need a reliable voice device.


                                  This is very worrisome to me.  Nobody seems to have the answer.




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