Upgrading to V768V1.0.0B19

    Hi. What is the procedure to update the firmware on this phone? I've tried Menu > Settings > About Phone > Software Update > Check for update. It returns always with  the error, "Information. Network error! Download failed." This happens whether I use a wifi a 3G connection. Any ideas what I can do to get updated? Thanks.

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      • FYI. I just checked with T-Mobile support about getting my phone updated to V768V1.0.0B19. Unfortunately, there is no way to manually do the update. It is being done over the air in batches by the manufacturer. There is no way for T-Mobile to push the update to the phone. It appears to be based on the IMEI number so it happens when your number comes up. It apparently goes quicker if you have a wifi connection. So anyone in the same boat just has to wait for it to happen. I was also informed they had notice from the manufacturer that they would not be replacing any phones that did not update. Bummer.

          • Well, it would appear that support was wrong. I reset my phone yesterday in order to change my primary Google account. Afterward, I went to Menu > Settings > About Phone > Software Update > Check for update. It found the update and I applied it. Less than 5 minutes later I had the latest version of the firmware. Funny though, that even after removing several apps I had the same amount of space, no more. I've so far reinstalled my apps and moved them to the SD card. I did download Facebook, but this was installed to internal memory with no option to move it to the SD card so I uninstalled it. It would be nice if they would give you the option to move facebook to the SD card. Another thing I was told was that Docs to Go would not be able to be reinstalled, but I was able to and it gave me the option to move it to SD card. I haven't tried installing Telenav yet. I wonder if that has a move to SD card option.

          • Is a data plan necessary to get the update?

            • When I try to do the software update I get the message "Nework error! Download failed". Will I need to reset my phone to get the update to work?