Missed calls, text/voicemail received late

    Ok so i have had my note 2 for over a month now and it has been nothing but frustrating. Initially when i got it, tmobile was doing work in my area and the coverage was horrible for about 2 weeks. Standing in front of the tower i couldnt even stay on edge. During this time i experienced several problems...


    My phone will not ring when people call it, nor will it receive texts. Only upon actively using the phone will Voicemails and texts push through. Anything data related comes in fine. The missed call notification also does not show, so if they dont leave a voicemail i have no idea i have been called. The coverage problem subsided and me and several friends have great 4g speeds in our area now. So i assumed this problem was related and was fixed.




    This problem persists despite having full bars or connected to WiFi with wifi calling on. I have no idea what to possibly do that i havent. This happens at all different times of the day and the time of inactivity could be 5 minutes or 5 hours before it misses a call. I have literally used my phone and then 5 minutes later someone tells me they couldnt call me.


    Stuff i have done:


    Factory reset (twice)

    SIM reset (several times)

    WiFi Calling (Used both router bands and different security - WiFi Sleep settings checked to ensure it doesnt drop)

    Used Wakelock apps to keep the CPU and wifi connected from going to sleep

    Called Tmobile several times and they did what they could from their end


    My house has 3 phones, one being ANOTHER note 2 with no problems and a vibrant. I also came from a vibrant and never had these problems.


    My only two options i have left to try it seems is, replacing the SIM card or replacing the phone. Both of which all i ever read is that this does nothing to change the problem. Hopefully someone can post with either a success story or some useful info and not the usual checklist of things i have done.

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      • Yeah I'm having the same issue. ... One person called me at 10am and I didn't get that codenamed notification until 530 and then someone else lay me a message at 400 and I didn't get that until the next morning around 7.i cam tell you a new sim card won't work because they replaced mine when I got the note since it was 5 years old

          • My sim was replaced when I got my note 2 as well.  Thats because of tbe switcb to micro SIM. The reason for switching would be if they gave me a faulty new SIM. I'm currently back to stock and picked up the OTA. I'm using softlocker and wifi calling again at home and going to test this setup with a  new sim. The ota brought a new baseband, maybe that will do something.

            • My sim was replaced when I got my note 2 as well.  Thats because of tbe switcb to micro SIM. The reason for switching would be if they gave me a faulty new SIM. I'm currently back to stock and picked up the OTA. I'm using softlocker and wifi calling again at home and going to test this setup with a  new sim. The ota brought a new baseband, maybe that will do something.

            • Since you have another GNII in the same environment that doesn't exhibit the same problems, this *has* to be your phone & not the service.

                • My brother who has a GN2 as well will be home for the next week or so. During this time we can see if the same problems arise. After thinking about the situation, WiFi calling has only showed this problem of going straight to VM or late texts when i drop from the WiFi and it doesnt re-establish WiFi Calling. The only other time on WiFi calling was before i used a wakelock program to prevent deep sleep.


                  As it stands now, with wifi calling and the device not sleeping i have received everything on time. Christmas day was especially heavy with calls/texts so it was a good chance to test it out. I remain skeptical but hope for the best.


                  Would a microcell make much of a difference? The coverage at my home isnt the best but theres no dead spots in the house. Usually get around 2 bars. Im convinced the problem is related to the phone not reconnecting to the network. Whether its after dropping wifi calling or the device going into deep sleep. The time frame of missed notifications is greater than 5 minutes which is more than enough time to reconnect after dropping. It seems as if the phone drops network connection while in deep sleep and can't reconnect until manually doing so.

                • I'm having the same problem over and over again. It seems to happen when I lose the signal for a moment when driving through a area with a low or no signal or using  a elevator etc.  and then the signal comes back, I'm not able to receive calls.. I'm able to make calls and if I make calls, I suddenly can receive calls again. Looks like making a call resets something and receiving calls will work.. Rebooting the phone (Galaxy Note 2) also works. However, it's a annoying issue. I contacted customer service and they said that their engineers are looking into it. I had that problem before with my Galaxy S 4G but it didn't happen as frequently as with the Note 2. My wife hasa Gravity T phone and it does not happen with her phone, so it seems to be Android phone specific.

                  I can actually recreate the problem almost every day. I work near the interstate and in the 5th floor of a office building where I get a very good signal. When I go out for my lunch break, I use the elevator where I lose the signal for a few seconds. Then I go on my lunch break and when I come back to the office after using the elevator again, my phone shows full signal and I can use the internet with no problem but, when I call my cell phone from my work phone, it goes directly to voice mail without even ringing despite being able to use the internet. If I make a phone call (i.e. to voice mail), I suddenly can receive calls again.  The same thing happens when I go throuh a area with a bad/no signal..  Looks like there's a problem to reconnect the phone connection while the internet reconnects just fine to the network. It's a weird issue that has persisted for a long time. I missed important calls from my boss and from my wife who might think that i'm cheating as I'm not answering my phone etc.. It's annoying.. Any help would be appreciated..


                  BTW, I went with customer service through a full reset on my Note 2 and it made zero difference.. There is a issue of T-mobile in combination with android phones. The same issue doesn't happen for co-workers with AT&T...


                  Again, it's NOT a phone specific issue.. It has happened with the Galaxy S 4G too, just not as frequently.. I do have a brand new sim card in the Galaxy Note 2, so I doubt that it's the sim card.

                    • Ya i can duplicate the issue when wifi calling drops but there isnt really any deadspots with normal coverage to reproduce the problem consistently. It just happens randomly when im asleep it seems.


                      Its been 3 days now and i havent missed a call/text. Still using wifi calling/softlocker at home but now im using another combination to make sure im still on the network. Im using Tasker with Go SMS to send a text to myself every 5 minutes during the hours that im at home every day. Go SMS lets me set the notification tone for just myself to silent so i never notice it and all others are normal.

                        • I've had a problem when going from wifi to network sometimes too but not as frequently as when I lose the signal and then get a signal again. Sending myself text messages isn't an option for me as I have a very loud ringtone when a text message arrives as I do receive automated text messages from a  system that I'm suppporting and the text message needs to be loud enough to wake me up in case the system texts me with a system problem in the middle of the night.

                            • I have been back to stock and got the OTA for over a week now. I have not had any missed calls or texts received late. I have been on wifi calling and using 4g at home using the same softlocker app to keep the phone awake. The only small issue i noticed was my little self text script. Out of about 300 self texts there was 2 that didnt go through right away.


                              My issue now is that i have orderered a replacement thats due in saturday. If my phone is now working properly should i run the risk of swapping it out for a refurb and possibly a new problem. This issue is so hard to diagnose because i cant replicate it on command.


                              Has anyone decided to not go through with a warrenty exchange and can you send back the phone they send? I just want to end this madness

                          • I have the same problem as grandsportc3