Message Blocking is Active?

    Hello! I've been trying to figure out how exactly to 'disable' the message blocking service for a while now.


    What I wanted was to recieve text message updates from and a few other sites, but when I put in the codes, I recieved a message that says something along the lines of "Message Blocking is Active". I've read some discussions on the forums, but either I am doing it wrong or the directions are too broad.


    I did go into 'Plans and Services' tab and I do believe I am the primary account holder, but when I get to the 'Services' tab and go to the 'Messages' section, nothing is enabled. It does show that I can add the features such as 'Block Content Downloads', 'Block Email', etc., but I don't exactly see anything to disable, only add.


    I tried calling the T-Mobile number, but I don't necessarily believe I am the primary account holder. Although I am able to change plans and services and view the status of all the phones in my family on the t-mobile website, I think my dad is actually the primary account holder because he was the one that bought the phones and filled out the paper work. I just registered for an account.


    If anyone can help me, I would appreciate it so much. Thank you!

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        I don't know if you still need help, but since this came up in a search I'll post an answer.
        You can find a little info here: Message Blocking


        Here are the steps that I followed and I was able to SEND a message.
        Go here: -->  Go to --> plan --> select user that you would like to change --> change services --> uncheck the message blocking service --> hit next and confirm.



        Mod note: If for some reason these steps didn't work for you, create a new post so we can get you answers right away.

        • rleehb001

          Re: Message Blocking is Active?

          Its a bug in the system. I also chose to block downloadable content.  After I did that, I wasn't able to do text bankiing with Chase to check on balances, etc. However I continue to be able to text everybody else including other banks such as Wells Fargo to get balances, etc.  So maybe Chase Mobile (24273) is somehow mislabeled as a source of downlable content thru T-mobile. I don't know.


          Anyway, after I unchecked the block downloadable content, I was able to text 'Bal' to Chase Mobile to get balances, etc.

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          • smoore4usa

            Re: Message Blocking is Active?

            In my case, it meant that I did not have funds to send SMSs.  Normally text are free as part of a pre-paid plan, but not if you are out of the country (depending where I suppose).  You may have also hit a limit.  I added money and then texts started working again.