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    Websites Blocked on my broadband

      Can anybody assist me with having a website unblocked by my internet provider?  The website that I am trying to load is www.gamehouse.com but it doesn't load and after talking to support from gamehouse they told me that my internet provider which is T-Mobile broadband was blocking the website from loading.  Can anybody help.

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          Here's the limitations of where you can go and can't go on the pre paid plan.


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            web guard is active on prepaid broadband by default, that is true, but it is not correct that it cannot be disabled. Customer Service can remove webguard for you on prepaid broadband. I believe the link you referenced pertains to web day pass for smartphones.

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              I was only using that link for sites they do block but if the OP

              is a prepaid user it still might apply to them.

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                No worries - I just noticed the bullet point in the link which indicated the feature cannot be removed which may be true for smartphones, but I know for prepaid broadband the feature can be removed.

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                  I tried from to disable web guard (even from multiple browsers) through my profile on the website and I always get the message "An error occured while trying to save your preferences. Please try again."


                  I call support and of course get someone who I can't hear and have trouble understanding. She tells me that I will have to go through this every month because it will be re-enabled when the prepaid plan is renewed. Then she tells me that her attempt failed. So it is still enabled.


                  I never asked for this feature and don't want it. This is exactly the type of controlling BS that keeps me away from iPhones and contracts. And I am getting it anyway. The worst part of it is that I have been recommending tmobile prepaid to several of my friends who are now going to be PO'd also. This is enough to make me look into switching.

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                    This is my feelings also.


                    I did not ask to have this web control feature.


                    Even going thru security questions multiple times, Still can't change.


                    Why bother having a change option form, IF IT DOESN'T WORK.


                    Quit controling US!