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    How can I calibrate the screen on this phone?  It was working fine for a bit yesterday, but then all of a sudden the screen is completely off.  I can't type anything and when I hit a widget it hits a completely different one. 



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      • Sorry that you haven't heard back from anyone. In general these phones should need no calibration but the Behold is an animal of the lowest form. You can try this keystroke combo: *#*#2664#*#* to test how accurate your phone is with touch. If its showing error then you may have no choice but to return it to TM (if you still have a warranty). Good luck and hope you don't have to put up with this phone for very long.

        • This phone definately has issues, but usually when this happends it's because an App was installed that the phone didn't agree with. I would turn the phone off, and pull the battery out then put it back in and turn it on. If it still doesn't work you might try a factory reset of the phone, unfortunately all your apps and your phone numbers (that have not been synced, this is if you turned sync off) wil be lost. The good news is your phone should be fully restored, after a couple of times of rebooting your phone you'll be an expert at it good luck.


          • Begin with the power off. If the device is frozen, pull the battery out and reinsert it.
          • Hold the Volume Down, Send and End buttons (in that order).
          • A small "recovery mode" notice will appear in the upper left corner of the screen.
          • Press the Menu key. The phone will display the software loading icon (a box with yellow arrow pointing down to the device).
          • Press the Menu key again to complete the reset. After the reset, the device restarts and finishes loading.
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