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    Where are visual voicemail messages stored?

      I had saved an important personal message in visual voicemail.


      Yesterday when I went to visual voicemail (vvm), I got this message: "This phone was associated with a different account. Do you want to delete the existing voicemails?" When I clicked "no," vvm would not open.


      Someone suggested updating the vvm app. My app was up to date, but there was an option to uninstall the most recent update. I uninstalled the update, then reinstalled it. Then I was able to open vvm, but my saved message was gone.


      Does anyone know if those messages are stored somewhere on the phone or the sim card so I might be able to access the message, or is it lost forever?


      When I first got the message I never tried to "save" the message or "copy" it to sim card, it was just automatically saved by vvm until I randomly got the "different account" message out of the blue.


      It would be great if there is a way to recover this message from my phone. Thanks!


      (Note: I did see the following response to a similar question, but I have no idea how to locate/access this file: In order to rescue voice messages, copy all files from "/data/data/com.tmobile.vvm.application/databases/<number>@vms.eng.t-mobile.com.db_att/" (will likely require root) to a computer and open the extensionless files with VLC Media Player.  VLC Media Player will automatically detect the codec (SAMR) and play the files.  Timestamp and callback info is stored in the database (.db) file from the ../databases/ folder, but you may also use the Date Modified information from your Android filesystem (use an explorer such as ES File Explorer and look at the date of the files) if you're not concerned about the callback info.)