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WiFi calling error: ER05 invalid SIM card


Since the ICS update, I've been getting this error intermittently on restarts ... The sim card is one of the new ones issued in December, fully compatible with the Wi-fi Calling enabled in December. Wifi calling worked fine (no errors on restart) under GB. Anyone else had this error?



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    My wife is getting the same error message after the upgrade. Rather annoying. Have not tried to see if wifi calling actaully works anymore (it did previously) since she does not use it. But the error message needs to go.


    Any suggestions Tmobile?

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    Hey MJM,

    There is definately some troubleshooting we can do to resolve the issue. 


    In order to use Wi-Fi Calling on this phone, a GBA SIM card is required and provisioned with Wi-Fi Calling. These errors can occur if the SIM card being used is not a GBA SIM card or if a GBA SIM is not provisioned for Wi-Fi Calling, most likely because the SIM card has not received the Download OTA.

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    Would you explain that in English please? How do I determine if I've got a GBA sim card? How does one download to a sim card?

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    Oh, I found the document explaining a "GBA sim card" (Purchasing a SIM card, below). I should make clear that I get ER05 only on restart when WiFi calling is enabled. If I power WiFi off and on again with a registered/saved SSID in range, I get the pretty blue Wifi-Calling icon. If i turn Wifi-Calling off and on again under the same proper conditions, I get the blue icon. If I change connection preferences, too (I think), it works.


    I seem to recall a similar issue in December when the 1.43 update introduced Wi-Fi Calling on the Amaze.


    I think the problem is one referred to in the following document. That is, on power-up, the SIM is not quite ready or has not be fully read yet, and WiFi-Calling is active before this, resulting in an error. That indicates a startup script (init.d) problem that has to be fixed by T-Mo or HTC.


    The specified item was not found.


    I've confirmed as per the following document that I have a "GBA" SIM card, with TM9177 imprinted on the back.


    Purchasing a SIM Card


    See also:


    Wi-Fi Calling

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    Thanks chromejob.


    I am on the monthly prepaid plan and had a Sensation 4G with WiFi calling enabled and working.


    After switching to an Amaze 4G and using the same SIM card I got the WiFi Calling error "Invalid SIM card".


    Went to the TMobile booth in the Quaker Bridge mall (NJ) and the associate was right on it - he took out the old SIM and programmed a new one. No charge.


    All good now (although I did have to go to the TMobile site and set up a profile with a 911 address)

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    Thanks, your posting just same me a lot of time and headaches. I will take your advise and do what you did.

    Thanks again,