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        How did you get T-Mobile to offer to replace your phone?  Just keep calling and complaining?

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          Check see if you installed an App called Call Block, or something like that.  It suppose to block telemarketers.  Anyway, there is an option in the menu in there to Pre-MUTE the ring.


          wish I knew this before I did the master reset.  But after I reinstall all the app the same thing happen, it won't ring.  than I dig into this Call Block and saw the option.  Just switch that off and it's all good again. 



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            Don't have that app. Same problem is continuing though.  Tickets keep getting put in, problem supposedly resolved.   But it isn't.  Yesterday they leave a message on my home phone to perform a hard reset. I did and the same problem continued.  Spoke to somebody else tonight and she added more to the ticket and resubmitted.  She told me that it is possible I might have to change my number.  I use my phone for business and that is not a possiblity. 


            I'm at the point where I'm ready to call them and tell them they are fired.  No way am I paying a cancellation fee when they can't provide me service.  No way am I going to pay for the new phone either, since I haven't been able to use it for the month that I have had it. 


            Point is I am so extremely dissatisfied with them.  A month and this problem still isn't fixed

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              I have had this problem contiuously since I got the phone. I was hoping the latest update would fix this but it has not. The phone came with a new sim card, I have few new apps, and I did a master reset a few days ago to solve yet another issue.


              I believe the issue may be due to wifi calling which I have to use almost exclusively due to poor coverage in my area. It may be a T-Mobile network issue as, when I first got the phone, no calls were ringing in at all. Sometimes the caller had dead air space, sometimes it went directly to voice mail, and sometimes it just rang. Tech support escalated that to engineering and since then it has been better but still not good.


              I have zero reason to believe that replacement phone will cure this. I can put up with a lot of bugs but my business phone not ringing is not one of them and I would appreciate it if T-Mobile would please address this obvious issue.



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                yes, for me, 3 times they have sent it to engineering and it is still not fixed.  If it isn't fixed by tomorrow (mon, 6/11) I"m firing them.

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                  You would agree that it is a network and not a phone error? I have gone to engineering twice with this issue. For what it is worth, it seems to work a little better if you have your advanced wifi setting set to "best wifi perfomance". At least, I think it does:)

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                    I never have a problem with wifi.  It only occurs when I'm not connected to wifi.  Then all calls go directly to voicemail.  This has been for over a month.  I'm thinking that a month is more than adequete time to fix the problem.  Seriously, I'm not quite sure they are doing anything.

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                      Well, I'm not sure whether that is good or bad? Phone issue or network issue? I will say that I never had this problem, on or off wifi calling with my Blackberry. Certainly, I am tired and more than a little worn down by all of these issues. I'm pretty much to the point where I refuse to call their front-line tech support people on this because it is always a lame and painful experience.


                      The worst part is I actually like the phone but ... may have to find a new provider and I wish them luck when it comes to trying to extract any cancelation penalties out of me cause ... that ain't gonna' happen.

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                        My thoughts exactly.  If it isn't resolved by monday, I'm switching to somebody else and tmobile can send me to collections and try to get any money from me.

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                          Sent PM for further Support

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                            Yesterday I missed a call and got a voicemail. Low and behold there was 7 voicemails dating back to wednesday. No missed call notifications or VM incator on the previous 6 calls. I'm wondering how many calls I'm truly missing and they just don't leave a voicemail. The bigger problem though is the VM indicator not working UNLESS the call shows up in the missed calls log.

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                              For what it is worth, I have established a routine that seems to be at least helping. Also, I am on wifi calling almost exclusively so not sure if this will apply to others who are not ...


                              • My wifi is set to "best perfomance" in the advanced settings
                              • I'm not sure if this is valid but, it occurred to me that maybe I need to have my phone check in with T-Mobile's network every morning so that it knows I am here so ... every morning I place a call to some number just to ring it so the network recogizes me.
                              • I then call my phone from my home phone to ensure that it rings
                              • If I don't do any one of these three things ... I am playing with fire and my stupid phone will probably not ring.


                              I'm knocking on wood as this seems to be working but I've probably screwed myself by writing about it:)

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                                I am using WiFi calling and experiencing this incoming call not ringing (aka. sleeping) issue. My wife's Samsung SII works perfectly fine and I've tested calling both phones from a third phone which validated it. But I do get the visual voicemail notification for that missed call and also text messages over the same WiFi.

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                                  This validates that TMobiles trusts Samsung SII to work but sells us the buggy HTC One S. No wonder that less than 2 months after release this phone is offered for $0 with MIR.

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                                    I'm curious, has your wife's Samsung II been updated to ICS? Honestly, I am starting to believe this is an Android problem and many of the issues are related to Android ICS and not the handset.


                                    I still suspect some network issues but I have had wifi calling since T-Mobile first introduced Hot Spot at Home several years ago. I have had two Nokias and two BlackBerrys on this service and have never had these issues.


                                    I also did a search on wifi calling issues with the Samsung II and there are a number of threads on that device with wifi calling issues. More since folks updated to ICS.


                                    Ultimately, I just need a phone that rings and I have to have wifi calling. After I bragged earlier about how mine seemed to be working it took another dive. Penalty for my pride. LOL