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HTTP 504 error for http://arizmendibakery.org

About a week ago, a website I check often in IE set to Desktop mode on WinPhone7/Mango, http://arizmendibakery.org/pizza, started timing out with a http status of 504 (gateway timeout). Using nslookup, this domain resolves to, which also times out on my phone. The representatives at my local store only have 4G phones and the website loads fine on their phones. It loads fine on my phone when I'm on WiFi.


It used to load (no I didn't change or update anything). It loads on WiFi. It won't load on 3G. It will load on a 4G t-Mobile network on others' phones. It will load on other networks on others' phones. Best of all - no way to contact t-Mobile to ask them to check their network. I would contact the website owner, but since their website loads on every device and on every network except t-mobile 3G I wouldn't have anything to tell them.


Anyone having problems with any other websites?