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    What is W005.1 ISP Error on WiFi Calling?

      I am trying to use my WiFi calling in my building but I keep getting the error code I put in the title and then a little while later I will get a pop up that says "You are currently not registered with the T-mobile network. Would you like to register to enable WiFi calling" it then has a button to click "register" I click it and then it simple takes me back to my home screen. Then I go to enable WiFi calling again and then I start the whole process over. 2 other people in the building have t-m and they are able to get their WiFi working...



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          Usually means some sort of failed connection on WiFi or something is being blocked.  It could be your wireless router....


          Can you try on a different wireless network and see if it resolves it? 

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            Thank you for the insight and it does make a little sense seeing just after I had posted my question the router neede to be rebooted and then when it first came on I had wifi calling but then soon after I did not. Having said this I am very, very confused though. The reason I am confused is that others in the office are able to get their T-Mobile phones and wifi calling to connect with the router. Any suggestions as to trouble shooting why my wont seeing the other 2 will? Is it a game of he who gets here first and activates it first gets to the router to respond to them and work?

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              Hrm...I would see if a firmware update is available for your router.  Having multiple devices might be doing something awkward to the router's routing tables.


              Any chance you can verify it consistantly works on another wifi hotspot/router?  If it works ok on those systems, it's likely your specific router firmware (or related proxy systems @ businesses) that cause issues.