CLIQ2 - Is it a BAD phone?

    Phone keeps freezing, spraticlly can send or receive text messages, wont load internet. Have contacted T-Mobile tech support multiple times. Have completed so many master resets. I am on my 3rd CLIQ2. Whats Next?

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        Does anyone know how to fix the above issues? Has anyone experienced and of the issues and how did you resolve them?

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            Hi charris6,


            This sounds horrible. I am so sorry that you have had to put up with these issues. There's a lot of differnet things that can cause these kinds of troubles on Android devices. Recently we have seen a lot of malware viruses that have come through the Market, and that is why we need to reset to troubleshoot these issues.


            I understand that you have already completed numerous resets, but per our troubleshooting (viewable here: when we reset the phone, we should be making sure that the SD card is removed prior to the reset, and not redownloading any application within the first 72 hours of the reset. Have we taken you through those steps specifically on your phone? If so, was the phone malfunctioning without apps and without the SD card? If so, then the issue is definitely software related. Depending on the specific results of those tests, we can determine best how to escalate and resolve your issue.


            Let me know what all has been done so I can further assist you! Thanks!



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                To answer your question, yes we have followed the request of T-mobile, by not puting in the SD card and Not downloading any items. And I do realize we have to follow the steps of T-mobile tech support so it can be properly noted in the account. Have spoike with multiple different agents each one sounds as if they know what they are talking about but each gives different answeres to same questions. Porvides different resolutions to the issues we are having.


                So if the issue is software related why is happening on so many different devices? This is our third, following the steps provided by t-mobile and it happens every time. ?



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              charris6- i am rite there with you on this JUNK phone. I swore to myself years ago that i would never buy a motorola again, yet i messed up and did. I'm on my 2nd cliq and it always freezes, wont call out even when i have 3g or send txt at times. internet wont load, when typing txt messages and hit certain keys it will open random apps.  Did the same tech support you have and it only turned out to be a waste of time and caused my stress to go up. I wish they would just admit that the phone is junk and find a way to help people out rather than give them "bandaid" excuses. it isnt jsut a software issue, its a MOTOROLA issue.

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                  Please save yourself the trouble and time for that Motorola and make arraingements for them to repair it for you. I did after 4 replacements and it was the best thing I could have done! It's fast, no hanging or freezing and everything works as it should have in the beginning. The Cliq2 is a GREAT phone when it works properly! T-Mobile was no help to me with this phone but it's creator certainly was!