My phone is so sloooooooowwww! What can I do?

    I literally have to put it down while waiting for it to do just about anything because if I don't I'm going to throw it across a room! It freezes up and won't let me make calls. Yesterday it refused to let me call from my favorites tab in the contacts list! This phone was great when I first got it, but now it makes me crazy! It's even shut itself off a few times. No kidding! Without me touching it!


    I am very upset because I was told this is a 4G phone, but the only time it's on a 4G network is literally when I'm in a rural area where I don't get service anyway! I feel like I'm being ripped off for a phone that isn't all it was described to be. And now it constantly has this circular arrow thing in the notifications bar! WTH?!


    What can I do to get this phone to perform like it's supposed to or is this another lemon from T-Mobile?



    Can't wait till I pay off this piece of crap so I can get an iPhone!

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      • Sounds like you have had this phone for a while and have never done a factory reset yet. Over time the phone will get clogged up with old apps and other left behind software. My cliq 2 is one of my best phones so far. I never really have any issues with it. I do factory reset it like every six months just to clean it all out. The spinning circle is the phone syncing to something like facebook or Google. Also the phone is not really a 4G phone.


        If you have never done a factory reset , I would think about doing it now to fix your phone.

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        • dont waste your time with a factory reset! i've done it a dozen times and it NEVER helps at all. Motorola should be ashamed to have released such a POS phone

          • I know it's frustrating...I was having all kinds of problems with my Cliq2. T-Mobile had replaced mine 4 times! The original went 6 months without a hitch...until the software update. After that each replacement was as bad or worse. I had 2 that locked up during setup! I won't go into the details with customer service but my advise is Motorola directly. I sent mine to them and now it works as it did when I got the first one,if not better! I have even gotten as long as 36 hours on a charge! It's fast, no hang ups, no freezing, no dropping calls it's what the phone should have been all along. It was a secret as to what they did, all I got for an answer was software repair, but who cares it works!  I've had Motorola phones for over 20 years, this was my worst experience. When put back in the hands of the experts with a detailed list of the problems all is resolved!